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Surveillance videos are to be shown on the fourth day of the trial against singer Gil Ofarim. Meanwhile, the defense brought a USB stick into play.

Update from November 15th, 6:55 a.m.: Shortly before the end of the third day of the trial against Gil Ofarim, the singer’s defense requested that further evidence be introduced. The data would be on a USB stick and, according to the judge, would be evaluated on one of the next days, reported Things will be exciting on the fourth day of the trial anyway. The surveillance video from the hotel will be shown in court and will be available to the public for the first time. In addition, further witnesses should be interviewed.

Update from November 14th, 3:10 p.m.: According to the witness, Gil Ofarim’s account that a hotel manager discriminated against him because of his Star of David did not match his personal perception. The 58-year-old was standing in close proximity to the singer during check-in reported from the courtroom.

Accordingly, there was a long queue at the hotel reception. The witness admits that he did not hear what the hotel manager and Ofarim discussed when checking into the hotel. But at the counter the singer “made phone calls and gestured”. He therefore experienced Ofarim as upset. “He was angry and then became confrontational,” says the witness. He had the impression that the musician was upset “that he wasn’t pulled out of the queue and given extra treatment.” However, that is only his subjective perception, according to the witness emphasized.

Another witness incriminates Ofarim on the third day of the trial – He didn’t notice any discrimination

Update from November 14th, 12 p.m.: Another witness is scheduled to speak on the third day of the trial against singer Gil Ofarim. Like According to further reports, this is said to be a regular guest of the hotel. The witness received his room card separately from the hotel employee and said he could not contribute anything further to the clarification.

Gil Ofarim (M) stands between his lawyers in the hall of the regional court in Leipzig. © Hendrik Schmidt/dpa

According to this, the man probably noticed the discontent in the queue “through Mr. Ofarim”, but he was not consciously aware of it. When asked by the public prosecutor whether the witness had noticed that the sentence “pack your star”, which was relevant in the trial, had been used, he replied in the negative.

Original message from November 14, 2023: Leipzig – Did a hotel manager discriminate against Gil Ofarim because of his Star of David? Or is the Jewish musician lying? This is what the trial against 41-year-old Ofarim, which opened on Tuesday, November 7th, should clarify in the regional court in Leipzig. A surprise now seems to have occurred on the third day of the trial. How reported that a new witness has contacted the public prosecutor’s office. This therefore puts a strain on the singer.

Ofarim trial: Surprise on the third day of the trial – new witness comes forward and incriminates singer

As the portal further reports, the new witness contacted the public prosecutor’s office by telephone. The trigger was the reporting on the trial. Accordingly, the witness from Brandenburg remembered that he was standing directly behind Gil Ofarim in the hotel lobby during the incident in question. How Further reported, the witness claims to have experienced “no insult” from the hotel employee. According to public prosecutor Ricken, it is currently not possible to say whether the witness’s account is accurate.

The 41-year-old, who was born in Munich, is in the dock on charges of, among other things, defamation and false suspicions. At the beginning of October 2021, the musician made serious allegations of anti-Semitism against the manager of a Leipzig hotel in an Instagram video. Ofarim was told to take off his Star of David and only then would he be allowed to check in, the singer accused. However, after extensive investigations by the public prosecutor’s office, charges were brought against Ofarim. The case against the hotel manager was dropped.

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