Hospitals: Why Lauterbach’s plans won’t work

Germany’s hospitals are in crisis. Doctors operate on assembly lines, nurses are overworked and the hospitals are in the red. Karl Lauterbach now wants to reform the system. His plans for the future are well intentioned, but they will not work.

Jens Baas recently said everything about Germany’s clinics and their future. The man knows the healthcare system, insures eleven million people as head of the Techniker Krankenkasse, and so the following sentence came to his mind: “Everyone thinks hospital reform is important and right. But it’s – sorry – shitty to implement politically.” This describes Karl Lauterbach’s chances of success exactly. The Minister of Health wants to modernize the clinics, but he will hear criticism from everyone because someone will always feel disadvantaged when departments or even hospitals in the neighborhood are closed. He, Lauterbach, the federal minister, is always to blame.

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