Hospitals: Doctors urge comprehensive corona monitoring

Doctors urge comprehensive corona monitoring

Medical staff on duty in the intensive care unit of a hospital. Photo: Jean-Francois Badias/AP/dpa

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The intensive care physician Christian Karagiannidis wants to turn off a blind flight in hospitals. He demands a better database and makes the federal government responsible.

Intensive care physician Christian Karagiannidis is pushing for better registration of corona patients in hospitals. “The situation on the normal wards in Germany can become particularly dramatic if the number of cases continues to go through the roof,” he said.

“We finally need monitoring that, like the intensive care register, reliably records hospital patients infected with corona. So far, this is an unacceptable blind flight that we can no longer afford.” The federal government must remedy the situation quickly, added Karagiannidis, who is also the scientific director of the intensive care register of the German Interdisciplinary Association for Intensive Care and Emergency Medicine (DIVI), to the “Rheinische Post”.

The omicron wave has not yet had an impact on the intensive care units in Germany. According to the latest Divi data, the number of people infected with corona treated there fell just below the 3000 mark for the first time since mid-November. The trend is also declining in the number of reported first-time admissions. However, experts see no reason to give the all-clear, among other things because of open questions about Omikron and an expected further increase in infections.

According to official information, the number of new infections recorded in one day had recently exceeded the threshold of 90,000 for the first time. The seven-day incidence also peaked.

Especially affected under 35-year-olds

Bavaria’s Prime Minister Markus Söder warned in “Münchner Merkur” (Saturday): “We have to keep a very close eye on the situation over the next two weeks.” So far, experts have reported a smaller number of patients in the hospitals and milder courses. «Omicron is not Delta. That means: We have to adjust precisely which rules are absolutely necessary, but also proportionate. We want to bring “Team Caution” and “Team Awareness” together.”

In Söder’s opinion, a “broader approach” is needed: “It will no longer be sufficient to only look at the situation from a medical and virological point of view. We also have to pay more attention to the societal and social component.” The CSU boss has so far positioned himself as an advocate of particularly strict corona measures.

The Divi President Gernot Marx told the editorial network Germany that people under the age of 35 are currently mainly infected with omicron. “These develop a severe course much less frequently than older people, so they are not yet or only occasionally patients in our intensive care units.”

A fourth vaccination?

According to Marx, it is expected that compared to the Delta variant, in which around 0.8 percent of all infected people had to be treated in intensive care, significantly fewer people who tested positive would take such a severe course. “Should the incidences increase sharply due to the very rapid spread, that is of course still a problem,” he warned. “So we hope that the number of Covid 19 patients can still drop significantly before the next wave comes.”

The Munich expert Clemens Wendtner warned that a fourth corona vaccination should be prepared quickly – with the available vaccines. “For me, a fourth vaccination four to six months after the third vaccination would be an adequate measure,” said the chief physician of infectiology at the Munich Clinic Schwabing of the German Press Agency. At the same time, however, he pointed out that due to a lack of data there is still no recommendation from the Standing Vaccination Commission (Stiko) for a fourth vaccination. It is often said that one wants to wait for the adapted Omikron vaccine. “But I’m afraid that will take too long,” said Wendtner. New vaccines are not to be expected before April – but the Omicron wave is now rolling in.


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