Hollywood sign is 100 years old – it was only supposed to stand for 18 months

Legendary letters
Hollywood Sign turns 100 years old (even though it was only supposed to last 18 months)

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How do you market a rugged, hilly new development in an unattractive location? Faced with this question, a real estate agent had the letters “Hollywoodland” erected north of Los Angeles in 1923. They were supposed to stay put for 18 months. This year the iconic lettering celebrates its 100th anniversary. The ending “-land” has long since been phased out – just like the sparse incandescent lighting. Only a small bar was renewed for historical purposes. “Hollywood”, translated as “holly forest”, has become a synonym for a billion-dollar industry over the decades. In addition to the local film industry, the sign itself has also become an economic force: Los Angeles’ tourism industry alone generates almost $35 billion annually. O-TON Adam Burke, Los Angeles Tourism Association “The Hollywood sign is Hollywood’s biggest star. It’s a global icon and the reason why people come to LA. Not just to take a photo with the Hollywood sign in the background, but also because it represents that LA is the city of opportunity.” The foundation that maintains the logo currently wants to examine what a separate visitor center for the former advertising sign could look like.

The legendary Hollywood sign is celebrating its 100th anniversary. The letters were originally supposed to stay put for 18 months. Over the decades they have become synonymous with a billion-dollar industry.

A little sparkle of lights for the 100th birthday: For the first time in decades, the world-famous “Hollywood” sign in the hills above the film metropolis of Los Angeles was partially illuminated on Friday. The illumination of the letters, first illuminated on December 8, 1923, was purely symbolic, said Hollywood Sign Trust Chairman Jeff Zarrinnam – in fact, only the lights on the second “L” broke through the darkness. However, it could potentially shine again in the future, he said.

The legendary lettering was illuminated for the first time on December 8, 1923. It was originally erected as a billboard for real estate in “Hollywoodland” and was regularly illuminated by hundreds of light bulbs before losing its last four letters in 1949 and becoming a symbol of the US film industry. Three decades of blazing sun and occasional storms passed and took their toll on the lettering – the first “O” became a small “u”, the last “O” fell completely over: until rock legend Alice Cooper launched a campaign to restore its former glory to restore the landmark. He donated $28,000 (around 26,000 euros), eight other supporters such as Playboy founder Hugh Hefner and actor Gene Autry each sponsored one letter.

Hollywood sign made of steel

The new letters are a little more compact, only around 13.4 meters high, but made of steel. For its birthday, the Hollywood Sign Trust said it gave the famous nine letters a new coat of paint using almost 1,500 liters of paint and primer.

Unlike most world-famous landmarks, the Hollywood Sign is not illuminated at night – in part because local residents object. However, Zarrinnam has a plan in mind to have the letters illuminated on special occasions. “We have some very important sporting events coming to Los Angeles, like the World Cup, the Olympics coming – so those are the types of events where we would probably want to light up the Hollywood sign in the future.”


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