Höhenkirchen-Siegertsbrunn – Snow at last – District of Munich

So now he’s finally shown up – and maybe he’ll even stay a little longer: The winter, which older people now like to claim that younger people have never really experienced. Because in the past, so the tenor, everything was not only better, but above all colder. Judging by the equipment, the young toboggan rider on the toboggan hill near the Sankt Leonhard church in Höhenkirchen-Siegertsbrunn must have heard something about the cold season.

Wrapped up tightly, it goes down the slope and then, pulling the sled behind it, stomps back up. Even the first cross-country skiers were spotted around the small Leonhardi church at the weekend, not yet on groomed tracks, but still. And a look at the weather report gives hope that the still rather delicate, white splendor will not melt away again immediately, but will stay put for a while. Winter sports enthusiasts are not only happy when there is real snow in the Alps, but also on the hills and tobogganing mountains in the district of Munich.

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