Hohenbrunn – change in the senior citizens’ meeting Kaiserstiftung – district of Munich

Being welcome, meeting nice people, discussing literature or making music in company and recently doing sports. All of this belongs to the Kaiserstiftung, as you know from the Seniorentreff in Hohenbrunn-Riemerling. He’s getting a new manager now. After Helene Nestler, who helped launch him in 2012 and led him again through the Corona period, and Mindy Konwitschny, Inga Volk-Uhlmann is now taking the helm. Until recently, the 43-year-old worked in the antechamber of Stefan Straßmair, the mayor of Hohenbrunn, which has been responsible for the Kaiserstiftung since the beginning of 2021.

Nestler will be there for the whole of January to train her successor. Volk-Uhlmann came to Hohenbrunn in January 2017. At the same time, Konwitschny began as a leader in the seniors’ club. The graduate businesswoman Volk-Uhlmann was not only in the mayor’s office, she organized events, coordinated the work of the association of the 8800-strong community and was responsible for the local economic development. She was able to contribute her knowledge of international marketing in the food industry and was often and happily in the Kaiserstiftung. Her interest in working with people and especially with seniors was encouraged and the “friendly atmosphere of the house” at Rudolf-Diesel-Strasse 9 convinced her.

It’s a great working environment, in which she can now use the skills from her previous career, says Volk-Uhlmann. The senior age group has had a difficult time. “We’re looking ahead,” she says with a firm voice, and “we want to get going again as soon as we can again”: as a point of contact for seniors, to accompany them and to enjoy a nice get-together together. It is important for her to maintain the special welcoming atmosphere and to do her part to ensure that the diverse team of full-time employees and volunteers, senior citizens’ advisory board and community work together creatively, constructively and respectfully. Helene Nestler gave her a nice start and she felt accepted immediately.

Volk-Uhlmann does not want to reveal concrete plans yet, but she would like to continue what is well received. About the inexpensive stew on Wednesday. It tastes “like mother’s” and is cooked by volunteers and distributed with a fresh slice of bread. And this is where Nestler names the projects: One can continue to look forward to the “literature to smile” with Christof Stolle, the in-house music group “Kaisermusikanten” and the painting group are active and the “Vital Training for Seniors” course, which was newly founded during Corona, is taking off at a frantic pace drive up. The course leader works with music, small balls and great variety in the three quarters of an hour, reports Nestler enthusiastically as a participant. She had already accepted a new registration for the most recent issue of Eintopf. Another thing was achieved during Corona and lives on: eleven pen pals were formed from an idea, even one in English and two with the participation of schoolchildren. Nestler reveals that a workshop on smartphones is also being planned in cooperation with the Evangelische Jugend Ottobrunn.

Part of the history of the Kaiserstiftung is that when it opened in December 2012, it was under the sponsorship of the Munich district association of Arbeiterwohlfahrt. When Mindy Konwitschny left the Kaiserstiftung in 2020 because she was elected mayor of Höhenkirchen-Siegertsbrunn as an SPD candidate, the Hohenbrunn municipal council decided by a narrow majority to take over the sponsorship. “We can just as easily manage the operation of the facility ourselves and the connection to the community becomes even more immediate,” Mayor Stefan Straßmair (CSU) explains this step.

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