Hofreiter for use of Western weapons on Russian territory

Status: 25.05.2024 16:39

Ukraine is coming under increasing pressure. Now Green Party politician Hofreiter is proposing that Kiev be allowed to use Western weapons to attack Russia. And CDU politician Kiesewetter is calling for a budget emergency to be declared.

The Green European politician Anton Hofreiter has spoken out in favor of no longer preventing Ukraine from attacking Russian territory with Western weapons. He told the newspapers of the Funke media group that it was about protecting the Ukrainian population.

“We should therefore not prevent Ukraine from using the weapons supplied to repel Russian fighter jets in Russian airspace,” said Hofreiter.

Hofreiter sees international law on his side

International law allows an attacked state to attack military targets in the aggressor’s country, the Green Party politician stressed. The Russian army is bombarding the Ukrainian city of Kharkiv, which has a population of one million, day and night from its own territory, and has recently started using glide bombs. These are fired from fighter jets over Russian territory and take only 40 seconds to hit, he explained.

The US is also discussing whether to grant Ukraine permission to launch attacks from Russian territory. The New York Times recently reported that US Secretary of State Antony Blinken wants to lobby for Ukraine to be allowed to launch attacks using US weapons. He wants to persuade President Joe Biden to lift the restrictions, it was said.

Hofreiter and Kiesewetter for more support

In addition to releasing weapons for attacks on Russian territory, an expansion of aid to Ukraine is also necessary, said Hofreiter. Ahead of the state visit of French President Macron tomorrow, the Green politician said that Germany has the money and resources to better equip Ukraine with weapons and ammunition.

CDU foreign policy expert Roderich Kiesewetter also called for continued support for Ukraine. In order to be able to finance the aid, he called on the German government in Der Spiegel to declare a budget emergency. “The war can only be won with debt,” said Kiesewetter.

He said it was inexplicable why the corona pandemic was classified as an emergency situation in order to finance 200 billion euros for a price brake on electricity and gas, but the war did not meet the criteria of an emergency. The war should “serve as an emergency situation in order to finance defense and support for Ukraine independently of the debt brake,” said the CDU politician.

Criticism from the FDP

In the traffic light coalition, the FDP has so far vehemently opposed suspending the debt brake, while the governing parties SPD and Greens are open to it. FDP deputy parliamentary group leader Christoph Meyer contradicted Kiesewetter. “Next year we expect almost a trillion euros in tax revenue,” Meyer told the AFP news agency. “So there is more than enough money for defense. Instead of burdening taxpayers with debt, we must honestly prioritize government spending.”

Meyer called on CDU leader Friedrich Merz to clarify the Christian Democrats’ position on the debt brake. The budget expert said: “Merz must now explain what applies in the CDU: the position of the state premiers and of Kiesewetter, who want to scrap the debt brake and fake some kind of emergency, or the clear commitment to budgetary discipline that Mr Merz declares in Sunday speeches.”

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