“History of the World: Impressive cast of stars for Hulu series

“History of the World
Impressive star ensemble for Hulu series

Among others, Emily Ratajkowski (middle) and Seth Rogen (right) stood in front of the camera for Mel Brooks’ (left) “History of the World: Part II”.

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Stars like Seth Rogen and Taika Waititi are joining Mel Brooks’ comedy series History of the World, Part II, a new trailer reveals.

After no less than 40 years, Mel Brooks (96) legendary comedy “History of the World, Part I” (German title: “Mel Brooks – The Crazy History of the World”) receives a sequel in series form. The eight-part sketch comedy series “History of the World: Part II” will be released on US streaming service Hulu from March 6 – and features an extremely impressive cast of stars. A newly released trailer sets the mood for the historical pleasure.

These stars are in front of the camera in “History of the World: Part II”.

In addition to the now 96-year-old comedy legend Brooks, the comedians Wanda Sykes (58), Ike Barinholtz (45) and Nick Kroll (44) act as the main actors in front of the camera in “History of the World: Part II”. Guest stars, some of whom also appear in the trailer, include: director and Oscar winner Taika Waititi (“Jojo Rabbit”, 47), model Emily Ratajkowski (31), comedian Seth Rogen (40), former “X-Files” -Star David Duchovny (62), Marvel star Kumail Nanjiani (44), Johnny Knoxville (51), Danny DeVito (78), Zazie Beetz (31), Fred Armisen (“Portlandia”, 56), Jason Alexander (“Seinfeld “, 63) and many more.

As in “Mel Brooks – The Crazy Story of the World”, numerous figures from world history will also be satirised in the upcoming Hulu series. For example, director Waititi plays Sigmund Freud, while actress Beetz as Maria Magdalena encounters a black Jesus Christ and comedian Rogen as Noah loads his ark with different dog breeds instead of different animal species.

A German start date for “History of the World: Part II” has not yet been set.


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