Hidalgo will go “obviously” to the end, with a “rich, new and complete” project

She wants to dispel doubts. After the failure of her idea of ​​a primary on the left, and despite polls still worrying for her, Anne Hidalgo showed her voluntarism by presenting her presidential project on Thursday. She will “obviously” go to the end, she assured.

The socialist candidate unveiled the 70 proposals of her program in the morning, disputing that it was for her to “revive”, while she is barely in the polls, which credit her between 2 and 5% of voting intentions.

A “rich, new, complete project”

“The time to come is that of confronting projects, visions and programs. You can call it a relaunch, I just call it a building process, ”she said. “My program is socialist, environmentalist, social democrat, social republican, everything suits me”, she said, wishing “to bring France together in justice”.

Presenting a “rich, new, complete project, sifted through legal expertise and financial expertise”, she admitted that “the left was in difficulty” and “that no one succeeded in creating any movement. notable of opinion ”. But “I have confidence in the verdict of the French, who will judge on exhibit, project against project,” she continued.

Minimum wage increased by 15%

In front of many supporters, including the first secretary of the PS Olivier Faure, the president of the Occitanie region Carole Delga or her campaign director Johanna Rolland, she unveiled the main measures of her program, budgeted at 50 billion per year, which responds according to it has “three social, climatic and democratic emergencies”.

In particular, she insisted on some flagship measures, such as the 15% increase in the minimum wage (or 200 euros net), a “third party payment for insulation” so that the most precarious households do not have to advance the costs of energy renovations. their housing “, or the establishment of a citizens’ initiative referendum (RIC).

The rebellious candidate Jean-Luc Mélenchon underlined in his blog “rallying points” to his program, such as “ecological planning” or the RIC, but “above all major points of disagreement”, like the Sixth Republic that Anne Hidalgo rejects , or the retirement that it would maintain at 62 while he defends retirement at 60.

The popular primary, an “interesting indication”

On France Inter a little earlier, Anne Hidalgo said that “obviously” she would go to the end, “as will do Yannick Jadot and Jean-Luc Mélenchon”, even if the popular primary places the probable future in the lead at the end of January. candidate Christiane Taubira, who must declare herself on Saturday.

This popular primary vote, scheduled for January 27 to 30, “will be a very interesting indication of what citizens want, but my campaign, my candidacy, my proposals, are there, I roll them out and I will try to gather from my proposals, ”explained Anne Hidalgo. “And if the primary is used to add one more candidacy it will still have missed its goal,” she noted.

She recalled having “taken the risk” of proposing a primary to her left-wing competitors, “but a primary without Yannick Jadot” did not make sense, “while we know that the recomposition of the left can be done by social democratic forces and ecological forces ”. To an auditor, who asked her to withdraw for Yannick Jadot, she replied that “the right dynamic would have been to accept a primary in front of the citizens”.

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