Hidalgo considers it possible to “multiply by at least two” teachers’ salaries

Would Anne Hidalgo want to put the teachers in the pocket? While the mayor of Paris must formalize her presidential candidacy on Sunday, extracts from her book “a French woman” to be published on September 15 begins to leak. In the latter, the elected official places the school among her priorities and calls for a “great movement to revalue salaries” in education.

She thus believes “possible, over the duration of a five-year term, to at least double the treatment of all persons in contact with students.” Or, to begin with, to align at least the salary of new professors on the median salary of holders of a bac +5 ”. “Of course the cost – on average 9,000 euros per year and per young person throughout schooling – will necessarily be greater. But I assume it. This is the price to pay for transforming the school and reducing the number of “dropouts”, ”she assures us.

“A great plan to save the public hospital”

Returning in her work to the professions of the “invisible” (caregivers, cashiers, etc.), those who “every day of the year, epidemic or not, make society work”, she further judges that “it would be quite economically bearable to raise all wages, for example the CFDT proposes a general increase of 15%. It is a solid track for me ”. Anne Hidalgo also intends to “thoroughly review the financing of social protection”, and wants “a big plan to save the public hospital”.

The elected socialist also warns that ecology “does not belong to a single party nor does it constitute a program in itself”, and defends “an ecological republic” that it wants to include in the Constitution. “Ecology is as much a social issue as it is an industrial and scientific issue. It is at the heart of the fight against inequalities, ”she insists.

She says she believes “in a social and popular ecology but also industrial and responsible. That of local energy, of quality food, distributed and consumed in short circuits, but also that provided by better insulated housing; and finally, that of the relocation of production, inseparable from this transition ”. The mayor of Paris also wants an “international jurisdiction” on environmental issues, to “manage major disputes”, and considers “that we must get out of nuclear power, as quickly as the development of renewable energies allows”. Finally, she wants a “territorial big bang” to relaunch decentralization with an increased role for mayors.

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