Hertha BSC: Black end is emerging – “Der Pal” as an option

Black end at Hertha is emerging – “Der Pal” as an option

Berlin coach Sandro Schwarz

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Hertha BSC is at the bottom, or at least at the bottom of the table. Inevitably, there is speculation about the future of coach Sandro Schwarz. The players jog in the rain on Saturday without him.

When the training group around professionals Maxi Mittelstädt and Marvin Plattenhardt returned from a long run in the cold drizzle within sight of a police car, the future of Hertha coach Sandro Schwarz was possibly already sealed. A good two dozen fans held out on the Berlin Olympic grounds on Saturday morning, even though public training had been canceled hours earlier. There was enough speculation and discussion about the new Bundesliga bottom and eternal crisis club. Especially since Schwarz was also spotted leaving the area.

The “Hertha way” recently invoked by the club bosses should probably continue without black. Even if the preached and from an economic point of view necessary personnel continuity would be over again. The disastrous 2:5 at Schalke 04 was quickly recognized as a huge burden. Bundesliga unfit. The Hertha professionals had given themselves this stamp during their desolate appearance in the Revier. 18th place on the 28th matchday served as proof.

“There will be no ‘keep it up'”

Shortly after the sporting disaster, Schwarz had realistically assessed his situation. The 44-year-old was asked in the catacombs of the Schalke Arena how worried he was about personal job consequences. “I’m not worried about that,” Schwarz said. “It’s legitimate, it’s also the club’s responsibility to think about it.” There was no longer the usual round of media talks in the morning after the game with Black.

Sports director Benjamin Weber had announced that he would turn “every stone”. “There will be no ‘keep it up’,” said the 43-year-old. Weber no longer expressed the confidence in black that he had repeatedly expressed. He avoided a clear commitment to the coach.

But what happens if Black really gets a leave of absence six games before the end of the season? “The Pal was in the grandstand the other day,” said one of the many security forces in the training area in the orange safety vests on Saturday. “The Pal”, that is Pal Dardai. Hertha record player and symbol of the old days at the capital club. Solid, but also a bit stuffy. But from a time before the glitter craze around investor Lars Windhorst, who is also Hertha history again.

Black took over from Magath

Whether Dardai would step in as a coach for the third time in view of the last humiliating separation in November 2021 was also one of the fan topics at the training ground. After all, intimate enemy Fredi Bobic is no longer in office as managing director.

In any case, given the financially precarious situation, there is not much leeway for another, certainly more expensive trainer emergency solution. The influence of the new investor 777 Partners will also be decisive. The announced 100 million euros of funds are already planned for the unavoidable debt repayment.

In the previous season, Felix Magath took over for the end of the season and ultimately saved the Berliners from falling into second division in the relegation against Hamburger SV (0:1/2:0). Black was then hired as head coach.

Nagelsmann decision: "This expulsion is very expensive"

Black doesn’t feel let down by his team

Not only the amount, but also the manner of the defeat shocked Hertha on Friday evening. “Of course it’s also a bit the case that the coach is the poorest sod at the moment when you see the defensive behavior,” said Weber. According to Schwarz, he did not feel let down by his team. He took responsibility for the very bitter performance and also said: “I know what we invest in the coaching team every day. The work we do and unfortunately you don’t see it in the result. It’s frustrating.”

Above all, it was incomprehensible: the whole week had been talked about the crime of relegation and the necessary commitment. And then the behavior of the players on the pitch didn’t fit in at all. “In the duels we weren’t there at all,” said ex-national player Plattenhardt. “There’s no way we can do a performance like that again.”

The captain demanded: “We have to hold on together now, we have to tackle things and definitely win next week.” It is doubtful whether that “together” also applies to Black and whether he is still on the bench in the home game against Werder Bremen.

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