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Seldom has a water glass been emptied as quickly on German television as Helge Schneider’s in this episode of “Maischberger. Die Woche”. The one-on-one conversation with the Grand Seigneur des Gaga humor lasts perhaps ten minutes, and in the end Schneider has drunk almost everything. He doesn’t seem to feel quite comfortable in this format. First he turns in the swivel chair, then he slides deeper and deeper into the upholstery while Maischberger queries him.

It starts with small talk. Schneider is allowed to get rid of a message about cannabis (“Drugs are not to be trifled with”) and praise the drumming skills of his eleven-year-old son (“We are equal stage colleagues”). But both interviewer and interviewee know that there is something else to discuss here. At some point Maischberger says dutifully: “We have to talk about touring, Mr. Schneider.”

With that, the artist had finally made headlines in the past few weeks. In July Schneider broke off a beach chair concert in Augsburg because he didn’t like the concept. He bumped into his departure with the words: “You can’t help it either. The system is simply threadbare and stupid.”

Schneider told Maischberger that he didn’t know anything about the concept beforehand. “Maybe my agent, but I don’t look everywhere.” Suddenly the comedian seems very unrepentant. He thought the waitresses and waitresses who ran back and forth between the beach chairs were guests who had come too late and was annoyed. “I’m an improviser, I’m a comedian, I’m a musician. In affect I have to invent things. And then you are always interrupted.” Schneider rejects the accusation that he has made common ground with lateral thinkers: “They don’t have to bother about me. I don’t join any organization of this kind.”

The CSU man provided for some comedy in the group

Anyone who was looking forward to a bit of comedy will find what they are looking for at other parts of the show. No, not necessarily with Urban “Ich sach euch, Kinder” Priol, who only proves with his jokes that he does not really belong to the future team of German humor. “How should the Russian get to us with the ailing infrastructure?” Is his comment on the revival of the red sock campaign. “Will Bruce Willis come along and clarify all of this?”, Another of his first thoughts when he attacked the World Trade Center twenty years ago.

The “election campaign duel” turns out to be more amusing, in which Maischberger packs up two Bavarian Duz enemies this time: Katharina Schulze, leader of the Greens in the Bavarian state parliament, and CSU general secretary Markus Blume. Even if one or the other parallels can be found in climate programming, the two squabble well. When Maischberger asked whether he would have considered Markus Söder to be the Union’s better candidate for Chancellor, he replied: “Armin Laschet is the Union’s candidate for Chancellor.” And have to grin a bit myself.

Maischberger, in turn, lifts the corner of her mouth when she asks Blume about the tax fraud reporting portal that has just been set up in Baden-Württemberg. In a tweet, Blume accused the Greens of promoting “denunciation”. Maischberger has prepared a screenshot that shows that the Bavarian State Tax Office is also calling for tax evasion to be reported. Seeing Blume trying to wriggle out of there is really a bit of fun.

Kathrin Müller-Lancé would like to claim that she is only in the Arte media library. But then she likes to look exclusively at RTL to see what the celebrities are doing.


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