Health Insurance benefits unvaccinated parents for childcare

While the government uses a large number of means to encourage the French to be vaccinated against the Coronavirus, paradoxically the Health Insurance benefits in some cases those who are not. Indeed, according to the current compensation rules of the Fund, employees who do not have a complete vaccination schedule and who are parents of children with Covid can declare themselves on sick leave for a week in order to keep them and benefit from a daily allowance equivalent, under certain conditions, to 90% of the gross salary.

However, this provision is no longer open to fully vaccinated employees, because they are no longer considered by the Health Insurance as “contact cases”. The latter must therefore turn to their employer and obtain either to be placed in partial activity (compensated at 70% of gross), in the event that the class or establishment of their child in primary school is closed; either to benefit from sick child leave; or telework for positions that allow it.

Aware of the paradox, the government does not intend to let the situation continue. “There is a decision in the course of arbitration to regularize the situation,” said the Ministry of Labor, confirming information from the Parisian.

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