Headset holder: 7 models for gamers and the home office in comparison

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These headset holders ensure a tidy desk

Hang headphones on a coat hook? That’s a headset holder the better alternative.

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Headset holders provide a secure and stylish place for headphones. But what is important with the dumb servants for the desk and what advantage do expensive premium mounts offer?

Screen, mouse, keyboard, laptop, files – a desk quickly overflows. Most of the time there are also headsets, smartphones and keys among the junk. When searching and clearing up, the cable tends to get tangled or the headphones fly off the table due to a careless movement. It doesn’t have to be, because headphones, microphones and sometimes even smartphones find a safe and elegant place in the front row on headset holders.

1. Headset holder with USB jacks

Some of the headset holders not only look good, but also offer useful functions. Of the Headset stand by havit has two USB-A sockets on the bottom, for example. One of the ports is red, the other is white. Data can be transferred via USB 2.0 protocol and devices can be charged via the white one, only charging is possible via the red one. Practical, because gamers usually charge their wireless mouse or keyboard via USB via the computer. If it is under the desk, changing the plugs can be annoying. The design of the headset holder appeals more to gamers because of its RGB lighting.

2. The headset holder for narrow table tops

If you like it simpler, grab it Table mount for headsets. It can be attached to the side of the table top, which is possible with a locking screw. What speaks against the headset mount is that it is not suitable for desks that are too thick. And some may also object to the design, because the manufacturer’s logo is already clearly visible on the front of the headset holder. On the side you might walk along, you probably don’t want to attach the mount to avoid the risk of bumping into it.

3. The flexible table mount

Not every desk offers the option of attaching a headset holder to the tabletop. This is especially the case with models that offer a drawer box. Here comes the Headset mount by YestBuy in the game. Instead of attaching it to the tabletop with a screw, the manufacturer uses an adhesive strip on both sides. This does not detract from the stability: the headset holder can withstand a maximum of one kilogram.

4. For budget gamers

If the design of the mounts for the desk is too simple for you, you should go for the headset mount The G-Lab K-Stand Radon to grab. Its design is primarily aimed at gamers and thanks to its RGB lighting it is a real eye-catcher on the desk. But not only that, because thanks to two USB 2.0 sockets you can charge all kinds of wireless gaming accessories such as a mouse, keyboard or headset on the holder – practical.

5. The premium headset mount

Corsair is known to most computer gamers for its mice, keyboards and headsets. Of course, the manufacturer also offers a headset holder that harmonises wonderfully with the other Corsair peripherals. But does the price difference of almost 50 euros justify the branded product compared to other headset holders? That depends, because Corsair is one of the few manufacturers to name their headset mount ST100 two USB 3.1 sockets.

Compared to USB 2.0, they offer higher data turnover. If you want to transfer large data via the USB ports of the headset holder, you should use the Corsair holder. If you only want to charge the headset, mouse etc., you don’t need the better USB sockets and can save the money for the premium headset holder.

6. Smartphone and headset holder

Admittedly, in your home office you don’t want to share your enthusiasm for extensive gaming sessions with colleagues via teams and the like. At the workplace, the headset holder can therefore be a bit simpler. If you don’t want to attach a holder to a table top or desk, grab one Mobile phone and headphone stand.

Its design impresses with its noble simplicity, which makes the headset holder appear serious and calm. Beautiful: the holder not only gives the headphones a noble place on the desk, but also a smartphone. Unfortunately, the mount doesn’t offer any USB ports to charge your devices.

7. Headset mount: The wooden variant

If the metallic silver doesn’t match the rest of the furnishings on the desk, there is one too Wooden headset holders. As with the home office mount, you also have to do without nice features such as USB ports. But you get a handsome and simple headset holder that is not only suitable for the desk, but also cuts a fine figure next to the record player in the living room.

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