He wins at the Euromillions 1/10th of the budget of his department

On November 4, it was in Pas-de-Calais that the 6th biggest win in the history of the Française des jeux (FDJ) was won, nearly 161 million euros. We now know a little more about this new millionaire who has just deposited in his bank account a little less than 1/10th of the 2022 budget of his department!

He is in his sixties, a regular player since the creation of the Euromillions in 2004. He who usually plays a combination of lucky numbers, it is however thanks to a “flash” grid, validated at a tobacconist in Houdain, that he can congratulate himself on having deep pockets.

A good one week paranoid

His luck, he realized it the day after the draw, when he saw his numbers scrolling on the banner of a news channel. If he wishes to remain anonymous to the general public, the lucky guy still spoke to his wife, his children and his dog, the latter having been asked to behave properly now. Before receiving his check, the sexagenarian paid himself a week of very understandable paranoia, during which he stashed his report card at home, or in his car when he went out, “in case the house would burn down”.

The winner and his wife will now have fun. Starting by buying a house by the sea, a chalet in the mountains. But, not satisfied for all that, the sexagenarian continues to play. He has even just won again: 3.70 euros.

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