Hawaii Citywave: Widest stationary surfing wave in the world opens (video)

Watch the video: Widest stationary surfing wave opened in Hawaii – thanks to German engineering.

STORY: At first glance you might think: Here you see a surfer on a real wave in the sea. But then you realize that we are allowed to marvel at a standing wave in a pool. It is the largest stationary wave ever built in the world. Around 30 meters wide. And curiously, this huge wave pool is in Hawaii near Honolulu. However, the patent for this type of shaft comes from Germany, more precisely from Munich. Rainer Klimaschweski has already built 15 waves of this type worldwide, and the trend is rising. The inspiration for this came from Munich’s Eisbach: RAINER KLIMASCHEWSKI, FOUNDER AND HEAD OF CITYWAVE “Yes, the basic idea comes from there. When I came to Munich to study, a long time ago, that was our daily meeting place. We were all there Day surfing there in the river. And that’s when I had the idea in my head that something like this should be technically built in such a way that it can be built anywhere. So not just here in Munich in the river, but somewhere independent of the river in the world. Because everyone has so much fun surfing it.” The Eisbach is world famous in surfing circles. It’s not as wide as the waves in Hawaii, but it’s free. And the Munich Eisbach surfers see the giant wave rather critically. YUMA ZADEH, EISBACHSURFER “Yes, I’ve already seen this wave on Instagram, on social media. To be honest, I find it a bit stupid because Hawaii is of course the birthplace of all surfers. And that’s why I think it’s nonsense. ” PATRICIA KRÖCK, EISBACHSURFERIN “Well, I’ve heard about it before. In principle, I think standing waves are really cool. It’s definitely a lot of fun. I’ve tried it myself. But I also saw on the pictures that directly behind the The sea is. And of course I think it’s a bit of a shame that you then surf the perfect wave, even though the sea has an incredible amount to offer. And the dream waves can also be found in Hawaii. And that makes me a bit sad, honestly I said because I’d like to go to Hawaii to surf the ocean there and not surf a standing wave. Well, that’s kind of my thing. I wouldn’t go there specifically to surf a standing wave. But, I have them right here on my doorstep.” But the argument for the wave in Hawaii is that the sea and the surf spots are now so crowded that even Hawaiians are happy to be able to spend a lot of time standing on the board in this way. You can also practice your tricks and maneuvers again and again. This makes a standing wave interesting for professionals too. However, you have to be able to afford it. Because 45 minutes of giant waves cost 140 US dollars for tourists. Maybe you’d rather stay with the Eisbach, even if it’s not as wide and certainly much colder.

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