Hate posts published: Denmark’s head of government badly insulted

“Fuck your mother”
Hate messages published: Denmark’s head of government badly insulted

Fighting against the brutalization of communication on social media: Denmark’s Prime Minister Mette Frederiksen

© Liselotte Sabroe / DPA

Denmark’s Prime Minister Mette Frederiksen wants to do something about the brutal language on social media and posts hate messages that were sent to her. Some of the contributions leave you speechless.

Mette Frederiksen, 46, would like to see a debate about the tone on social media. The incumbent Prime Minister published several to clarify her criticism Hate messages that she herself says she received. The harsh tone on social media is nothing new, she wrote on Instagram on Sunday. “Harassment, sexism, insults, hatred and threats.” Unfortunately, this is part of everyday life for many people. This worries her deeply.

Denmark’s head of government wants others to do the same

Frederiksen reported on young people who take part in talent shows and receive racist and hateful messages, on journalists, researchers and officials who are threatened, on athletes and politicians.

She wrote that she had recently received a lot of hate messages and threats. And on a scale that she had never experienced before. Of course, as head of government you need a high level of tolerance, but there are comments that are so violent that no one should accept them. She echoed some of the comments she had received.

You can read phrases like “Have you drunk too much baby blood lately?”, “slut”, “terrorist”, “Mette genocide”, “devil”, “fuck your mother” and many others, all of which go below the belt .

Perhaps others would have the courage to make such experiences with insults public, writes Frederiksen. Then you can have a debate about how you want to talk to each other.


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