Harry’s Memoirs: The Myth of the Perfect Prince William

For years, William was considered a model prince and brother Harry was hallodri. Now, in his autobiography Reserve, Harry claims his brother became physical in an argument. Insiders at the court are not surprised. The heir to the throne, they say, has always been the more quick-tempered of the two brothers.

“My father can beat up your father.” It is said that three-year-old Prince William used these words to introduce himself to his playmates in Mrs Jane Mynors’ kindergarten in London. “Because my father is the Prince of Wales,” he added. At least that’s what Robert Lacey reports in his book “Battle of Brothers”. According to the stories of the palace insider and historical consultant of the Netflix series “The Crown”, little William at court is said to have had the name “Basher Wills” early on, whereby “Basher” means something like bully or bully.

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