Harry & Meghan: Signs of Charles? No invitation to “Trooping the Color”

There is a big event in the royal calendar – but Prince Harry and his wife Meghan will probably not be there. King Charles doesn’t invite her to “Trooping the Colour”.

King Charles III does not invite Prince Harry

This year, according to a DailyMail source, there was no invitation for the couple, who have been making serious allegations against the royals for years – most recently in the prince’s memoir, “Spare”.

In 2023, the parade will be held in King Charles’ honor for the first time. The fact that Harry is not invited to the official birthday celebrations is also a first for him. So far, he’s always been welcome at this event: “I’m afraid that’s a reflection of the state of their current relationship,” the source said. Prince Harry was recently in London for a court case against Mirror Group Newspapers, but is said not to have seen his father or brother Prince William, 40. That also says a lot about how hardened the fronts still are within the family.

Prince Harry: Insider attacks him for “cruelty”

The Queen had wanted the Sussexes to attend the celebrations last year. But they were denied access to the traditional appearance of the royal family on the balcony of Buckingham Palace in 2022 – just like at the coronation of King Charles in May 2023. After all, they are no longer among the working royals.

A former confidant of Queen Elizabeth II († 96) recently commented on the 38-year-old’s constant attacks on the royal family. He told the “Daily BeastAbout the Queen’s last months: “When she celebrated her platinum anniversary in June 2022, she could only see poorly and could not hear much. She was a bit confused and hardly ever left her home. Standing on the balcony of Buckingham Palace to mark their anniversary was a huge feat.”

Harry’s behavior shocked him all the more: “When his grandmother was not only widowed, but was also about to die herself, Harry announced his memoirs. This cruelty takes your breath away.”

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