“Hang the Greens” posters in Zwickau: fines for incitement to hatred

The Zwickau District Court found a 38-year-old official of the far-right splinter party Der III. Weg guilty of incitement to hatred because of election posters with the slogan “Hang the Greens”. The court imposed a fine totaling 4,800 euros. Although the election campaign is also fought with hard drums, in the case a pain threshold was clearly exceeded, judge Frank Hoffmann justified the verdict. That would also have shown the many reactions of the people.

A 47-year-old who helped with the poster was also fined, but the fine was lower. The prosecution had accused the two men of putting up hate posters in the Vogtland, in the districts of Zwickau and Leipzig and in the city of Leipzig or having caused others to do so. With the verdicts, the district court of Zwickau followed the request of the public prosecutor. The defense attorneys, however, had pleaded for acquittal. At the end of the trial day, a defense attorney announced that he would appeal the verdict.

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