Halal poultry slaughter soon to be banned in France? Back on a rumor

Halal poultry slaughter soon to be banned in France? – 20 Minutes – OMF

The ritual slaughter of Halal poultry banned in France? The rectors of the three Grandes Mosques in Paris, Lyon and Evry expressed their indignation in a statement on Twitter about an instruction from the Ministry of Agriculture and Food relating to “animal protection in poultry slaughter establishments at the time of their killing”. For them, it would amount neither more nor less to prohibiting de facto ritual slaughter and would be “a serious obstacle to the free exercise of worship”. Yes, but was it really the content of this instruction from the Ministry of Agriculture and Food? No, as we explained in our fake off section. But why did the rectors’ press release meet with such echo? This is what Clémence will explain to us, in this new episode ofOMF Oh My fake. We will talk about freedom, reactance, emotions… and you will see how fascinating it is!

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