Hair trends: we want to see these cuts and hairstyles

hair trends
We want to see these cuts and hairstyles

Adele’s hairstyle motto: More is more!

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Adele loves voluminous blow-dried hairstyles, Hailey Bieber likes baby braids. The stars are leading the way when it comes to hair trends for 2022.

New year, new hair. While we don’t know what’s in store for us in 2022, one of the few things we have control over is our hair. Whether color, styling or cut – this year there are new and exciting trends just waiting to be tried out. And the stars show us how great the looks look.

Blow dry

In 2022, we’re in for a return to glamorous blow-dried hairstyles, away from the loose beach waves we’ve seen in recent months. For the New Year, we’re talking big, bouncy volume ’90s supermodel-style. The styling works great on longer and thicker hair for effortless glamour. Singer Adele (33) also presents herself on the British Vogue cover with super luxurious, shiny, blow-dried hair. Generation Z is calling Adele’s blow-dried blonde the “fluffy hair trend,” and it’s set to be a lot bigger in 2022.

Hair contouring

Thanks to celebrities like Sarah Jessica Parker (56), we are seeing a comeback of bleached highlights. Today they are more than that: in 2022 they have developed into “Hair Contouring”. Instead of highlights, hair contouring uses a light, high-contrast shade that’s painted in a soft color block around the face, incorporating all the hair directly around the face, including the shorter baby hairs.

The softer contrast between hair color and skin tone lifts the complexion and makes it appear lighter. Actress Cynthia Nixon (55) posted a picture of herself and colleague Sarah Jessica Parker on the set of the series “And Just Like That”. With the return of Carry Bradshaw to screens, the famous hair trend is back with a modern twist, showing just how beautifully hair contouring flatters the face.

baby braids

One of the biggest hair trends of 2022 is baby braids. Narrow sections of hair are separated to the left and right of the face and braided into small braids. It’s a quick and easy hairstyle that frames the face and is loved by celebrities like Chiara Ferragni, 34, Bella Hadid, 25, and Hailey Bieber, 25. Depending on your preference, the trend can be worn in different ways, for example in a 70s boho look or in a 90s grunge look. Model Hailey Bieber shows her followers in a cuddly sweaterhow cool baby braids can look.


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