Hair – open door in the studio house – Munich district

The “Hans-Pinsel-Atelier” in Haar are finally allowed to open their doors to the public again. After a forced break of two years, twelve artists are showing their works in a wide variety of styles and techniques, from colored drawings to paintings and sculptures. A spectrum of contemporary art can be expected.

Birgit Aichele and Constanze Onischke, who both work full-time as fashion designers, are taking part for the first time. Aichele enjoys having space for extensive design when painting, instead of just acting with small mouse clicks. Onischke composes areas of broad brushstrokes, with colors overlapping or flowing into one another. Jeannette Daucher from Munich is also new. She wants to evoke positive emotions with her pictures and shows people in different life situations, whose amazing details often make the viewer smile.

The trained interior designer Stefanie Feix is ​​concerned with the appearance of surfaces in nature or architecture, where peeled walls or rusted elements are the starting points of her creativity. Feix, who began to devote herself to abstract painting 15 years ago, works stone dust or “found objects” into the acrylic paint in order to be able to paint three-dimensionally. Recently she has been experimenting with a technique originating in the USA, in which oil paint is mixed with cold wax and the resulting paste is applied to wooden panels with a spatula or roller. The fifth newcomer to the Haar studio house is Philipp Grieb, who says himself that he paints predominantly figuratively, with emphasis on composition and color. The favorite subject of the PhD mechanical engineer are trees and forests, they give his small-format acrylic paintings spatial structure.

The prices are cheap. Everyone should be able to afford beautiful art

Of course, the other artists will also open their studio doors. Be it Corinna Weiss, who shows new figurative acrylic paintings in the style of a fairytale, fantastic realism and with her female figures points out the injustices towards women that prevail in the world. Each of the girls portrayed tells its own story, which the viewer should find his way into. Or Ramona Leiß, whose trademarks are colorful, bold, multifaceted images in which happiness reigns supreme. The former TV presenter and author of children’s books has recently been creating large and small animal figures, each with their own design, each of which also tells a story. These unique animals are weatherproof and also cut a fine figure in the garden without being damaged. The prices are cheap, Leiß promises, everyone should be able to afford beautiful art in the current difficult situation.

Corona Weiß called this painting “wandering star”.

(Photo: Corinna Weiss)

Hannes Höfler shows a closeness to nature in his small-format watercolors, which show flowers as well as animals and landscapes. The Ottobrunner, who comes from the printing trade, succeeds in bringing art and technology into harmony. Claus Bierling wants to be discovered. For him, every moment of life is a gift worth finding. As a meaningful addition, the bronze figures of his wife Andrea Matheisen, with their thick feet, express down-to-earthness and yet freedom of spirit. Freedom that is a gift.

Fancher Brinkmann is known for her large-format paintings in strong colors. In addition, the American also shows small formats with representational themes that she created during the Corona lockdown “for practice purposes” with watercolors or gouache, as well as with oil pastels, charcoal and ink. And guest artist Thomas Rasche reinforces the effect of his delicately colored drawings with ironic titles such as “Weird Birds” or “Strange Fruits”. In addition to his – because of the contact restrictions – long missing “View of people with wine and other glasses” you can see travel sketches and sketchbooks. The studio doors are open, discussions about the works are welcome and will not be absent in the pleasant atmosphere of the studio building. Even if the artists may not reveal some of the secrets, there are many new things to discover.

Open Studio Day, Hans-Pinsel-Straße 7 in Haar, Saturday, April 30, from 3 p.m. to 8 p.m. Admission is free.

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