GZSZ star Chryssanthi Kavazi is out

After two celebrities had to leave “Let’s Dance” last Friday, this time it only hit one, as usual. There was another change for that.

In the past few weeks, things have been different with “Let’s Dance”. The dance show surprised everyone at the end of March with a partner swap. A new professional has been assigned to the celebrities for an issue. In addition, nobody had to leave the show. On April 7th, “Let’s Dance” was completely canceled due to the ban on dancing on Good Friday. Two stars had to go last time.

In the eighth edition everything seemed to be running as usual again – at least at the exit. However, there was one change: Instead of the Discofox marathon, which has always been a highlight in previous seasons, this year’s participants had to compete in a “Hot Salsa Night” for the first time in the history of the show.

In addition to the points of the individual dances, the result was included in the final evaluation. Whoever was able to stay on the floor the longest during the seven-minute challenge without being taken out by the jury got the most extra points. Sharon Battiste and Christian Polanc were able to secure them.

However, they only got 23 points for their Viennese waltz – the second lowest jury rating of the evening. Chryssanthi Kavazi and Vadim Garbuzov were the least convincing this time. For her slow fox on “Sunny Afternoon” by The Kinks there were only 19 points. Joachim Llambi, who surprised with an unusual outfit, judged: “That wasn’t your dance”. Motsi Mabuse lacked momentum. The salsa challenge also brought the couple only two extra points.

  • Anna Ermakova: 30 points
  • Phillip Boy: 30 points
  • Julia Beautx: 29 points
  • Timon Krause: 28 points
  • Knossi: 25 points
  • Sharon Battista: 23 points
  • Chryssanthi Kavazi: 19 points

In the end, viewer calls could not save Chryssanthi Kavazi and Vadim Garbuzov, for them the journey to “Let’s Dance” is over. “I’m very grateful that we’ve made it this far,” said the GZSZ star about the decision and had to fight back tears.

Now six celebrities are still in the running for victory and the title “Dancing Star 2023”. Who will win the “Let’s Dance” season will be decided in about four weeks. The grand finale will take place on May 19th. Since the first episode, Anna Ermakova has been the favorite. Boris Becker’s daughter has almost always received the highest rating – this time she scored 30 points.

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