“GZSZ”: Chryssanthi Kavazi is shooting again

Chryssanthi Kavazi is shooting again

Actress Chryssanthi Kavazi returns to the Good Times, Bad Times set after her Let’s Dance hiatus. Her little son also got a taste for the dance show.

© RTL/Ralf Baumgartner

After a hiatus of several months, Chryssanthi Kavazi has returned to Good Times Bad Times.

Good times for “GZSZ” fans: Actress Chryssanthi Kavazi (34) is shooting again – because her series role Laura is alive. This is announced by the broadcaster RTL. In February she said goodbye to the daily soap because of her participation in “Let’s Dance”.

“First I gave everyone a big hug”

“Returning to the studios of ‘GZSZ’ feels like coming home to me,” says Kavazi, according to the press release. “I missed everyone on the team very much. First of all, I gave everyone a big hug.” Three months without the series was a long time and the longing for the comeback “has been very big in the last few weeks”.

Viewers were left in the dark as to whether her character Laura is still alive after a plane crash. But the actress explains that Laura wanted to take a break and is now daring to start again: “Laura left with a bang and will return with a bang: changed, also visually, and unsettled. How will her environment react to her?”

Her three-year-old son also dances

During her time off, she especially missed her colleagues and filming. But she also really enjoyed her participation in the RTL show “Let’s Dance”: “The time was incredibly exciting and it was one of the best times I’ve ever had on another TV project.” Kavazi took seventh place this year’s season. She wants to continue taking dance lessons and also wants to get her husband onto the floor. “I’ll do it alone for now, but Tom and I actually plan to do a dance class together. I’m really looking forward to that.”

She has been married to actor and musician Tom Beck (45) since 2018, and they have a son together (3). The little one also benefited from the dance show. “My son also got closer to dancing through ‘Let’s Dance’.” He always starts to move when he hears Miley Cyrus’ song “Flowers”. “He was in the studio for dress rehearsal when I danced my cha-cha-cha to that song and he’s been blown away ever since.”

“Good Times, Bad Times” has been running for 30 years. The series can be seen Monday to Friday from 7.40 p.m. on RTL and a week in advance on RTL+.


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