Gymnasium Sauerlach: CSU accuses Bogner of lying – district of Munich

In Sauerlach, the dispute over the design of the planned West district, including the construction of a new high school, escalated. The CSU in the municipal council accuses mayor Barbara Bogner (independent citizens’ association) of wanting to prevent the construction of the school approved by the Ministry of Education and accuses the head of town hall of lying. According to CSU parliamentary group leader Michael Hohenleitner, Bogner’s passivity in planning the district only allows the conclusion that Bogner wants to prevent the grammar school. The mayor countered that she would not allow herself to be put under any pressure and reiterated: “I want high school.”

The grammar school, which is to be built east of the S-Bahn and north of Hofoldinger Straße, is just one building block in the future design of the site. Because the landowner has also submitted plans for a new housing estate for up to 1,200 people to the municipal council; the main town of the municipality currently has around 6,000 inhabitants. In addition, the plans envisage a medical center and areas for the settlement of companies. The dimension of the project is controversial in the municipal council, and Mayor Bogner has also expressed doubts as to whether Sauerlach can cope with such growth.

The Sauerlach CSU chairman and local councilor Markus Hoffmann now accuses her: “An unfounded horror scenario was set up as to what consequences the construction of a high school could have for the population of Sauerlach.” That has to end. He calls on Bogner to finally start urban planning negotiations. Party colleague Hohenleitner criticizes the fact that no planning office has been commissioned and accuses the mayor of having lied to the secondary school association when she was asked whether the land use planning for the high school was up and running. Bogner’s yes was “a blatant lie,” according to Hohenleitner.

Bogner confirms that no planner has yet been commissioned. “Because we still need a decision, among other things because of the housing development.” As an order of magnitude, with which one could arrange oneself from her point of view, she names the influx of 300 to 400 people – instead of 1200. The accusation that she lied in the special-purpose association, the head of town hall rejects: she said there clearly that there was a decision to set up for the grammar school, but negotiations were still being conducted with the landowner about the area. The CSU recommends Bogner not to conduct the debate “in public and on the Internet”. “Otherwise it will be difficult.”

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