Gulf of Oman: China, Russia and Iran start maneuvers

Status: 03/15/2023 1:25 p.m

In the Gulf of Oman, China, Russia and Iran are jointly conducting naval exercises – but not for the first time. Many Western countries are worried about Russia’s war in Ukraine.

By Benjamin Eyssel, ARD Studio Beijing

China, Russia and Iran hold joint naval exercises. The Defense Ministry in Beijing announced that the military exercise in the Gulf of Oman will take place from today to Sunday.

The aim is to deepen cooperation among the naval units of the three countries. It is not the first time that China, Russia and Iran have held military exercises together. Because of Russia’s war of aggression in Ukraine, among other things, the military cooperation between the three autocratic states is viewed critically by many democratically governed countries.

strategic partnership

The Chinese state and party leadership maintains a strategic partnership with Russia and has not yet condemned the war in Ukraine. According to media reports, China’s head of state and party leader Xi Jinping may travel to Moscow next week to meet with Russian President Vladimir Putin.

Trade between Russia and China has increased significantly since the beginning of the war. There are repeated reports that China is supplying so-called dual-use goods to Russia – i.e. technology that can be used both civilly and militarily.

However, China has probably not yet delivered armaments, certainly also for fear of international sanctions. Recently, the US government had expressed concern that China could supply weapons to Russia, which the state and party leadership denies.

China, Russia and Iran hold joint military exercises

Benjamin Eyssel, ARD Beijing, March 15, 2023 12:37 p.m

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