Guinea Military Coup Policy Reports

After a coup was declared in Guinea, the situation in the resource-rich West African state initially remained unclear. Insurgent soldiers led by the former French legionnaire Mamady Doumbouya announced on state television on Sunday that the government had been dissolved, the constitution suspended and the borders closed. A transitional government should be formed. “We call on our comrades to join the people,” said Doumbouya. The Defense Ministry, on the other hand, said loyal troops had repelled an attack on the presidential palace and were in the process of restoring order. President Alpha Conde’s whereabouts were initially unknown and a video posted on social media showing how he was allegedly arrested by members of the army has not yet been verified. Previously, military vehicles are said to have driven in columns to the government district, further videos on the Internet allegedly showed shootings and vehicles with soldiers at the central bank building near the presidential palace. The 83-year-old Conde took up a third term last fall, made possible by a constitutional amendment. Natural resources such as bauxite, iron ore, gold and diamonds have given Guinea sustained economic growth under Conde. However, only part of the population benefited from this. The government has increased taxes significantly in the past few weeks. Among other things, the price of fuel has risen by a fifth, which has led to resentment among the population.


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