Guillaume Meurice announces having received a “warning” after his joke

Comedian Guillaume Meurice received a “warning” from the management of Radio France that he will “challenge in court”, he announced Monday evening to AFP, following a sketch on France Inter comparing the Israeli Prime Minister to a “Nazi without a foreskin”. In a column this Sunday on France Inter, Guillaume Meurice suggested a “disguise to scare” for Halloween: a “Netanyahu disguise”, “a kind of Nazi, but without a foreskin”. Comments which immediately sparked criticism, particularly on social networks.

The director of France Inter, Adèle Van Reeth, expressed her “discomfort” judging “this choice of words (…) particularly unwelcome”, in a response to the Radio France mediator, contacted by listeners. According to her, “this sentence is in no way representative of the daily work of the France Inter editorial team, which strives to cover the Israeli-Palestinian conflict in a (…) balanced manner, nor of the editorial line of the channel which fight against anti-Semitism, racism and all forms of discrimination.

“I did have a warning and I am going to challenge it in court,” Guillaume Meurice said on Monday, confirming information from the World. Contacted by AFP, Radio France did not wish to comment. The Audiovisual and Digital Regulatory Authority (Arcom) was contacted following this column.

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