Grünwald Castle – view of the Isar valley and history – district of Munich

Grünwald Castle is just a few steps away from the Lang cafe series on Zeillerstrasse. The late medieval hilltop castle houses a branch museum of the State Archaeological Collection. Before you work off the delicacies eaten at breakfast by climbing the steps to the castle tower and enjoying a beautiful panoramic view over the Isar valley, you can linger in the castle courtyard. There is currently the special exhibition “500 Years of the Grünwald Conference” about a meeting on February 10, 1522, which is little known but had far-reaching consequences for Catholicism in Bavaria.

The dukes Wilhelm IV. and Ludwig X. were not friends of the new freedom proclaimed by Martin Luther, they decided that Bavaria would stick to “the true faith”. Bavaria therefore became the center of the Catholic world alongside Spain and Austria. In the exhibition in the castle inner courtyard and on the church forecourt, the protagonists of the conference provide information about the historic event as life-size figures. Admission is free. There is also a museum shop with a café in the castle. When the weather is nice, there are comfortable deckchairs in the courtyard where you can take a seat and think back to the days of the dukes of yore.

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