Groceries: Aldi is raising the milk price

Aldi raises the milk price

Milk has become more expensive at Aldi. Photo: Lukas Schulze / dpa

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The discounter raised the price of milk. Will supermarket chains follow suit soon?

Aldi has raised the price for fresh milk in the lowest price range by 3 cents per liter. Fresh milk with 1.5 percent fat now costs 75 cents per liter and with 3.5 percent fat 83 cents per liter, as Aldi Nord announced on Wednesday at the request of the German press agency.

These higher prices would also apply to the independent sister company Aldi Süd since Monday.

Experience shows that supermarket chains in the lowest price range are based on Aldi prices. However, large trading companies have now deviated from the long-term rhythm of half-yearly supply contracts for milk and numerous other dairy products with the reference dates May 1st and November 1st, reported the state association of the dairy industry in North Rhine-Westphalia on Wednesday. A year ago, a liter of milk at Aldi cost 71 or 79 cents in the lowest price range.


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