Grimme Prize: award postponed to August 2022

Grimme Prize
Award postponed to August 2022

Carolin Kebekus at the 57th Grimme Award ceremony last year.

© imago images / Chris Emil Janßen

The Grimme Prize will not be awarded again until the end of August. The winners will be announced in June.

The 58th award of the Grimme Prize will be postponed to the end of August due to the corona pandemic. “The repeated postponement to late summer was not easy for us,” explains Dr. Frauke Gerlach, Managing Director of the Grimme Institute, in a statement. In this way, one hopes to be able to “celebrate this year’s Grimme award ceremony with all award winners and with the audience in the Marl Theater – in accordance with the then valid health protection requirements”.

However, the nominees for the television award are to be announced on February 23. The winners will then be announced in June 2022.

In 2021, among others, Carolin Kebekus won

Because of the pandemic, the award ceremony was held in front of around 140 guests last year, also at the end of August. In 2020 the event was completely canceled. A total of 18 awards were presented at the 57th Grimme Awards. The comedian Carolin Kebekus (41) was honored for her show of the same name (WDR) as well as science journalist and YouTuber Mai Thi Nguyen-Kim (34).


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