Greens: “From a Free State perspective, a Minister Hofreiter would have been great” – District of Munich

The two members of the Green Parliament, Markus Büchler and Claudia Köhler, regret that their party colleague Toni Hofreiter did not make it into the cabinet. By contrast, they are satisfied with the outcome of the coalition negotiations.

Claudia Köhler and Markus Büchler greet you in the parliamentary group room of the Kreis-Grünen on the first floor of the old Paulaner monastery on Mariahilfplatz in der Au. Here in the District Office is the second political living room of the Unterhachinger and Oberschleißheimers, who sit in the district council and have represented the district in the state parliament since 2018. But of course both of them are watching federal politics, the formation of the traffic light government – and the fall of their friend and party colleague Anton Hofreiter with hawk eyes. A conversation.

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