Green Mask Stick: This is behind the TikTok trend

Against blackheads & pimples
Green Mask Stick: What’s the deal with the social media hype?

The Green Mask Stick triggered a hype on TikTok, Instagram and Youtube

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Whether on TikTok, Instagram or YouTube: Social media are currently being flooded with videos in which young influencers with impure facial skin use a Green Mask Stick – and their pimples miraculously disappear within a few minutes. Is that possible?

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A Green Mask Stick is a face mask with green tea extracts, which are said to have an anti-inflammatory effect – and are therefore said to help against skin impurities such as pimples, blackheads and even acne. The special thing about the product is primarily the shape: In contrast to ordinary face masks, this is applied to the skin with a stick. This allows problem areas to be treated in a targeted manner without having to get your hands dirty. But why is the Green Mask celebrated by so many influencers on TikTok, Instagram and YouTube?

Pore-free skin in just a few minutes?

There are countless videos circulating on social media that can be found using the hashtag #greenmaskstick. You can see (almost) always the same scenario: Young influencers who suffer from skin problems (on their face) and therefore gently rub their cheeks or chin with the pen. Only a short time later, the unbelievable happens: As if by magic, the clogged pores wash all the dirt out of the skin to the surface – and are removed from the face with one wipe. What remains is a flawless complexion. At this point, some skeptics might ask themselves whether the Green Mask Stick really works as well as the internet would have you believe.

Because of this, there are now dozens videosproving that much of the magic show – particularly the black dots on the skin – is fake. In fact, many influencers use ordinary chia seeds to stick on the face mask. To make it appear as if all dirt is being pulled out of the pores of the skin. Nevertheless, it cannot be denied that green tea has an anti-inflammatory effect and Green Mask Sticks can improve the complexion. Though not to the extent that social media would have us believe. In addition, applying the face mask with the pen is quite practical, as you can distribute the amount better and use the content several times.

How to apply a Green Mask Stick

The antioxidants contained in green tea have an antibacterial effect and are therefore used in many beauty products that are supposed to help against skin impurities such as pimples or blackheads – including the Green Mask Stick. Unlike classic face masks, the stick can be used multiple times, which is probably its biggest selling point. The dosage is individual, but the application always remains the same:

  1. Cleanse your face with a mild cleansing lotion to remove dirt particles and make-up residue from the skin.
  2. Gently apply the Green Mask Stick to the desired areas of skin around your eyes and lips.
  3. Leave the face mask on for ten minutes before washing off the residue with lukewarm water.

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