Great Escapes Alp: These are the most beautiful accommodations in the Alps

The opulent book series “Great Escapes” For years now, it hasn’t presented any excursions, small escapes or suggestions for short trips, as the title suggests, but handpicked accommodation. It is only in the subtitles “The Hotel Book” of the illustrated books on countries such as Greece, Italy or the USA that it becomes clear that these are houses with a combination of special location, architecture and history.

The author Angelika Taschen has a stylish eye for guesthouses, chalets, palazzi and shelters that are unique. Your selection is free from establishments with alpine kitsch and with pansies overflowing from flower boxes. Instead, she looked for and found no-frills accommodation – without false romance: authentic, simple and reduced to the essentials. But this luxurious simplicity can certainly come at a high cost per night.

The discovery of their alpine hotels is now in the nearly two and a half kilogram illustrated book with the title “Great Escapes Alps. The Hotel Book” published in large format by Taschen.

Each of the 50 houses in Switzerland, France, Austria, Italy and Germany is presented in detail on several double pages with texts in German, English and French. These include classics such as the Bauhaus Hotel Monte Verità in Ticino, Schloss Elmau in Bavaria or the Pension Briol in South Tyrol, but also small, little-known guesthouses with only a handful of rooms.

One notices from the descriptions that the author has visited the houses and captured their atmosphere. This makes this charming selection in book form a guide to relaxing days in the refreshing alpine air.

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