Gravel bike Urwahn Waldwiesel.E in the test: kink in the optics – Auto & Mobil


Felix Reek

The cyclist at the traffic light next to the Urwahn Waldwiesel.E looks confused for a moment. Then again more precisely. Finally, thumb up and grin. Bicycle frames have been almost unchanged for decades, but the Urwahn Waldwiesel.E is a little different. Where the seat post normally disappears, the construction takes a curve as if the metal had melted briefly and then cooled down again. It is the unique selling point of the manufacturer from Magdeburg, the curvature is supposed to improve comfort and the bike is more springy than a conventional frame. This is made possible by the special manufacturing method: parts of Urwahn’s bicycles come from the 3D printer. A company in Dresden, whose customers mostly come from the aerospace industry, produces them by applying metal powder in layers.

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