Grasbrunn – excursion to two estates and churches – district of Munich

After an invigorating breakfast at “Moar”, there are excursions to two estates in the immediate vicinity: to the east to Gut Möschenfeld, the agricultural estate of the billionaire von Finck family, with the baroque pilgrimage church of Sankt Ottilie (built in 1640), beautifully situated on a clearing island , surrounded by fields and accessible via two avenues. Or in the opposite direction to the west to Gut Keferloh, where the forerunner of the Munich Oktoberfest was founded and where one of the oldest churches in the Munich area is located: the small, carefully renovated church of Sankt Aegidius (1170 to 1173) built in the Romanesque style. Both destinations can also be easily reached by bike from Grasbrunn. Afterwards, the excursionist either stops off in the beer garden in Keferloh or gets a piece of cake to take home from the farm shop.

The Romanesque church of Sankt Aegidius in Keferloh.

(Photo: Claus Schunk)

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