Gräfelfing – Green facade for the new tower of the town hall – district of Munich

First glass, then ceramics, now hanging green: The facade of the planned tower at the Gräfelfing community center is on the town council’s mind. The idea of ​​greening the tower and thus setting a sign for the “green garden city” has now been brought up by the citizens of the Garden City Graefelfing Interest Group (IGG). This, in turn, she submitted to the municipal council for discussion.

The facade of the tower has already been discussed several times in the municipal council. The committee has long since abandoned the initial idea of ​​building a glass tower as a visual accent. The energy consumption for the cooling required in summer would have been too high. Instead, the municipal councils opted for a solid construction and a ceramic facade. Now it is to be planted to improve the insulating function and the climate in the heavily sealed space.

Greening is “basically possible,” said Mayor Peter Köstler (CSU) at the building committee meeting on Thursday. But she comes “a little late in the planning process”. Martin Feldner (Green/Independent List) became clearer: Greening would mean a completely different construction, possibly also bring up new aspects of fire protection and take up more space. This brings the entire construction process to a standstill.

Walter Frank (CSU) also found it a pity to hide the planned “beautiful facade”. The panel agreed to ask the architect what he thought of the idea, after all the planning was his “artistic work,” Feldner said. The costs of greening should also be determined, as well as the possibility of greening in other parts of the house.

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