Government, investiture, legislative… What is Macron’s agenda for the next few weeks?

No time to breathe. As soon as his re-election is validated on Sunday evening as President of the Republic, Emmanuel Macron has a very busy agenda in the days and weeks to come, culminating in the legislative elections. Got lost in the calendar? We will explain everything to you.

Monday April 25: Franco-German friendship celebrated?

In parallel with monitoring the war in Ukraine, Emmanuel Macron could, as tradition dictates, celebrate Franco-German friendship this Monday by going to meet German Chancellor Olaf Scholz.

Wednesday April 27: The proclamation of the results…

The President of the Constitutional Council, Laurent Fabius, will proclaim elected the new President of the Republic, at the end of the operations of collection and verification of all the results.

… And a new government under construction?

Still on Wednesday, a Council of Ministers must take place, with Jean Castex in charge. Will he take the opportunity to present the resignation of his government? The Prime Minister announced at the beginning of last week that he would resign “in the days following” the election, in accordance with a Republican tradition.

But his presence at Matignon could be extended for several days, even several weeks. Emmanuel Macron slipped on Friday that he was considering a “transition week” and that Jean Castex would be Prime Minister “again next week”. If he were to leave office, Castex would still deal with current affairs pending the appointment of a new head of government.

Before Saturday, May 14: The Investiture Ceremony

Emmanuel Macron’s first term will end on May 14. It is therefore before this date that the investiture ceremony at the Elysée must take place. On the program: a word from the President of the Constitutional Council announcing the results, the arrival of the Grand Chancellor of the National Order of the Legion of Honor, then a speech by the President. Emmanuel Macron will then go to the terrace of the Elysée Park where he will receive the military honors of the Republican Guard, before a salute to the flag and the Marseillaise. At the same time, at the Invalides, 21 cannon shots will be fired, a tradition inherited from the Ancien Régime when 101 shots were fired to announce the death of a king and the enthronement of his successor. But all this, Macron already knows.

What will he do after the ceremony? This remains to be defined. In 2017, after his inauguration, he went to the Percy army instruction hospital in Clamart (Hauts-de-Seine), in the southwestern suburbs of Paris.

“I will go (again) to wounded soldiers in one of our military hospitals”, assured in early April on TF1 the one who was a candidate for his re-election, specifying that he also intended “to flower the grave of (his) great -mère”, in the Hautes-Pyrénées. And the visit to the mayor of Paris, a tradition established under the Fourth Republic? The re-elected president could also do without it, like François Mitterrand in 1988.

As for the official photo of the new Head of State, it should – unless surprised – remain the same, as François Mitterrand and Jacques Chirac had given up on a new photo after their re-election.

Sundays June 12 and 19: Legislative elections

Will Emmanuel Macron once again have a majority in the Assembly? Among his troops, the hypothesis of cohabitation is not considered credible, but it is the balance between the different branches – from the center left to the center right – of the macronie which is at stake.

Jean-Luc Mélenchon has called on his voters to push him to Matignon via a coalition of the left, and the RN wants to push his advantage through a united nationalist front.

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