Good business or illustration of capitalism … Our readers divided on this day

Start of the 24 hours of madness in stores and on the Internet! Black Friday is a day that 62% of French people expect according to a 2019 BVA – Orange study. However, this day of sales is not unanimous with our readers.

While the hunt for bargains drives many of them, environmental awareness and the desire to consume less make sense in some minds. The environment is part, according to theEcological Transition Agency, of the three most important concerns of the French in 2020. However, Black Friday is the opposite of the preservation of the environment: road or plane transport but also overconsumption, use of raw materials …;

“Make our family happy” before Christmas

After long months of deprivation due to Covid-19, the French should benefit greatly from this edition of Black Friday. And some are very organized, like Marie: “This day allows me to finish my Christmas presents and change the household appliances. I have already made a list of products and devices that interest me. I looked in the store and on the various internet sites. “

This day of sales remains the opportunity to give gifts without having to pay a high price. “I always look forward to Black Friday (…). I noticed while making comparisons that I could make huge savings thanks to this event. My technique is therefore to go scouting in stores that interest me or on online sites and then wait for the date, ”explains Karine, who when taking out her credit card sees a difference. “I can assure you that there are all the same price differences which can go up to 300 euros. And above all, this event is very well timed, just before the Christmas holidays, it allows us to please our family… ”, she assures us.

Three hundred euros budget on average

A 2020 Octpeo study on the French and Black Friday reveals that the average budget per buyer is around 330 euros. A budget that could explode. The cause ? The fear of shortages on certain toys or electronic products from Asia. The fear of being left without gifts under the tree could create a wave of purchases this Friday and encourage the French to anticipate Christmas shopping.

According to the figures of retailink, in 2020, nearly 2 million customers made at least one purchase on the sites or in the stores of the Fnac-Darty group and more than 5.6 million people went online to look at the offers. Between 2019 and 2020, during its Black Friday week, the French giant increased its sales in volume by 24%.

But if in 2019, 62% of consumers waited for this day, it would seem that the situation is gradually changing. This year, according to a study conducted by the Society & Consumption Observatory (Obsoco), 41% of them plan to enjoy the day. This decrease can be explained by taking into account our overconsumption.

Madness of capitalism?

But Black Friday doesn’t convince everyone. Others see this day as the illustration of the consumer society, like Eve. “The real economy is buying only what I really need. By making sure that producers, sellers and other small links in the chain are paid fairly, ”she says. A vision shared by Sébastien: “Black Friday has spread strongly in recent years, creating like a second Christmas. Of course, this benefits the giants of the trade … To the detriment of artisans and others. One more image of the madness of capitalism. “For her part, Marie does not wish to participate in this day for a completely different reason:” I am not an American. If France appropriated the commercial operation, it was born in America in the 1960s.

For those who will be busy Friday, November 26, do not panic, it will be enough to wait three days to participate in Cyber ​​Monday, another day of discounts before the holidays.

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