GNTM: Another spontaneous short hairstyle – to Heidi Klum’s delight

GNTM 2022
Another model surprisingly gets her hair short – to the great delight of Heidi Klum

“Model mom” Heidi Klum and guest judge Coco Rocha

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Wasn’t the big makeover last week? Well – not for ALL candidates. A young model experiences a surprise shortly before the important comp card shoot.

  • GNTM 2022, episode 7
  • 19 candidates

What happened?

They should become the cornerstone for the modeling careers of the candidates: the photos for the girls’ sed cards are shot. Inka will also be there again, who previously had to take a break due to a corona infection. Sheryl Nields, who wants a “punk rock” attitude from the candidates, is added as a photographer. And the one where all the models have to show up in “outfits” that appear to be made out of flesh-colored packing tape. Nevertheless, Vanessa inspires, despite or because of her green bob hairstyle. Viola does the posing well, but doesn’t have her facial expressions under control. The rest are doing more or less well, Heidi is surprisingly merciful. After all, the decision walk takes place in more interesting clothes: the girls are supposed to walk the catwalk as creepy wind-up dolls.

excitement of the week

Inka is coming back to the show after the Corona quarantine and, oops, missed the big makeover. “It’s a shame,” she feigns, and claims that she would have been happy to have her long, brunette hair fine-tuned. But missed chance … or not? Right before the sed card shoot, Heidi Klum takes her aside and tells her that she can now make up for her makeover – is she happy? “Uh, yeah,” Inka lies, and it’s a pleasure to watch her expression slip away for a moment. She promptly gets a pixie cut, which suits her enormously, but of course she doesn’t celebrate too much herself. Oh, and Inka reveals she’s been toying with the idea of ​​having her dad (a plastic surgeon) enlarge her breasts. But he refused. Good man.

The guest judge

In addition to Heidi Klum, the Canadian model Coco Rocha is judging the young German colleagues this week. Apparently, the girls didn’t recognize her immediately when the 33-year-old entered the changing room, both surprising and beaming with joy, but when Rocha called her name in a service-oriented manner, one or the other light came on. She has decided to teach the candidates proper “posing”, she announces. And that’s what she does, just as friendly as she is helpful. Her particular favourites: The “quirky” Viola with the pink curls and Lena, “petite and plus-size”, not exactly the mainstream models par excellence. Judging the final walk, Rocha once again explicitly praises the “diversity” of the show, and it sounds honest.

who has to go

Too inconspicuous, too insecure: Julia is out, to the chagrin of the emotional Viola, who is good friends with the competitor who has been fired. But Julia doesn’t have to be the only one to go – Laura with the golden blonde mane and pouty lips is out too. Viola, who herself was on the brink to the end, then narrowly avoided a nervous breakdown. But she slips through to the next round.

Klum saying of the week

“The sed card belongs to a model, like … like my husband belongs to me!” (Heidi Klum before the big photo shoot)


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