GNTM 2022, Episode 9: That happened and this candidate is out

GNTM 2022
Heidi Klum and her big mouth: the models as living tongues

GNTM 2022: Annalotta making the decision

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GNTM comes up with crazy ideas: first the models in plush costumes dangle from a huge mobile, then they should walk the catwalk as Heidi Klum’s tongue. The tasks become a problem, especially for two candidates.

  • GNTM 2022, Episode 9
  • 15 candidates

What happened?

The candidates have to face a curious photo shoot. Dressed with stuffed teddy bears and flashing unicorns, they dangle in the air from a frame. The whole thing should remind of a mobile for babies. “The motto this week: Express yourself. I want to see who really has bite,” explains Heidi Klum the task. The participants will receive additional tips from the Brazilian drag queen Pabllo Vittar.

Six candidates are also allowed to compete in the casting for Levi’s: Inka and Sophie, Vivien and Amaya as well as Noella and Juliana. In groups of two, they should make a short video and present themselves. In the end, Noella and Juliana get a commitment. To everyone’s surprise, Inka is nominated as third. This is especially frustrating for Sophie. “For Inka to have the job even though we were a team… It makes me feel even worse and more rejected. She did so much better than I did. I’m like, ‘What did I do wrong?'”

excitement of the week

During the photo shoot, Lieselotte struggles with the height and the rotating movements. After a short time she has to stop because she feels sick and dizzy. Photographer Marc Baptiste makes a pretty harsh judgment based on Lieselotte’s performance. “Regardless of her dropout, it’s a competition. Because she’s frozen up there, she has to go. It’s a competition. You have to deliver.” He does not accept Klum’s objection that the 66-year-old had become nauseous. The photographer is also disappointed by Annalotta. “She didn’t really deliver,” he says of the 21-year-old. She also shoots against Lieselotte: “It always seems to her that she doesn’t care. I think if Lieselotte messes it up again, then it was slow for her. You can always turn a blind eye. But maybe then a point has been reached where it is better off in another industry.”

The guest judge

The final presentation is just as whimsical as the photo shoot. A huge photo of Heidi Klum with his mouth open can be seen on the set. The catwalk protrudes from the mouth, along which the candidates are supposed to walk in red dresses – almost as a tongue from Heidi Klum. “I knew that I had a huge mouth, but it was never as big as it is today,” says the 48-year-old. Choreographer Nikeata Thompson shows the models how to do the task as elegantly as possible. Nevertheless, a few things go wrong: the long train comes off prematurely for several participants, Anita stumbles over the hem of the dress, Annalotta steps on the fabric. Lieselotte once again delivers an idiosyncratic performance: her appearance is reminiscent of a bullfight, in which the torero waves a red cloth. “Sometimes I think she wants to make fun of me,” says Heidi Klum. And Nikeata Thompson also thinks: “There were a lot of strange moments. It was anything but elegant.”

who has to go

After poor performances at the photo shoot and on the catwalk, both Lieselotte and Annalotta have to tremble. In the end, it hits the 21-year-old of all people, who Lieselotte already saw in the off. “The Big Boss Heidi decides that and she will have her reasons,” says Annalotta diplomatically. Lieselotte only advances one round because she has received an invitation to a casting for the coming week.

Klum saying of the week

“Does the burger say: ‘Hello, I’m back already?'” (Heidi Klum to Lieselotte, who is struggling with nausea after eating at the photo shoot)


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