GNTM 2022, Episode 5: That happened and this candidate has to go

GNTM 2022
“Are we dominatrixes?”: Bondage lingerie makes the candidates despair

GNTM 2022: Vanessa, Inka, Julia, Martina, Noella and Annalotta (from left to right) in lingerie when deciding

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Under the eyes of guest judge Jean Paul Gaultier, the GNTM candidates have to walk in tight lingerie. This becomes a real challenge for several models.

  • GNTM 2022, Episode 5
  • 22 candidates

What happened?

Most candidates should already know the mantra: a model without a job is not a model, Heidi Klum has been preaching for years. So the participants of the 17th GNTM season also have to face various castings. Before that, they get tutoring from the boss personally on how to present themselves to the customers. Klum sometimes has strange tips in store. Vivien, who comes from Bavaria, asks her to yodel and asks Anita if she can milk cows because she comes from a village of 80 people. If there are four clients, the models may audition. In the end, Sophie, Amaya, Juliana, Barbara and Lou-Anne each get a job and automatically advance to the next round.

excitement of the week

The outfits cause irritation when making a decision. The candidates expect skimpy lingerie with buckles and lacing. Vivien and Jasmin are not at all enthusiastic at first, for Anita the creations are a real problem. “Everything about the look bothers me. It’s just not my style. It’s not for the public. A man should see that in life. Den I will never find it again,” the 20-year-old wails. Martina also struggles with the bondage designs. “For me, that’s a limit where I say: ‘Do I do that or is that too much for me.” When she finds out who the guest judge is, the 50-year-old struggles to walk. “I will not let this honor slip away from me.”

The guest judge

This time, Jean Paul Gaultier is a fashion heavyweight on the jury. The 69-year-old has shaped the fashion world with his pioneering creations for over 40 years. In addition, he has long stood for diversity on the catwalk. “I like models who are special because there isn’t just one type of beauty, there are many different types of beauty,” says the Frenchman. He therefore positively emphasizes the various GNTM cast. Luca and Anita particularly catch his eye – although she doubted her outfit. “I don’t regret coming here just because I could see you both,” he tells them in his charming mix of French and English. He also finds the two older candidates Lieselotte and Martina “fantastic”. “You guys are the perfect example that models, like wine, can mature a little,” Gaultier enthuses.

who has to go

No job and then stumbled on the stairs: For Laura W., the journey to “Germany’s Next Top Model” is over. She was the weakest of all, judges Heidi Klum. A decision that the candidate Noella met with incomprehension. She thinks Paulina should have been eliminated and rubs it in her face.

Klum saying of the week

“Anita didn’t feel quite so well. She always thinks of the 80 residents of her village.” (Heidi Klum in the decision)


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