GNTM 2022, episode 10: That happened and these candidates are out

GNTM 2022
“Anita is doing well in the kitchen”: housewife wisdom from Heidi Klum

GNTM 2022: Anita at the photo shoot

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Crazy outfits, staid backdrop: The GNTM candidates pose with household appliances in a kitchen. This leads Heidi Klum to make old-fashioned comments and strange cooking tips.

  • GNTM 2022, episode 10
  • 14 candidates

What happened?

In four other castings, the candidates should present themselves to potential customers. In the end Luca, Noella, Vivien, Martina and Anita are convincing: they all get a job. This is particularly satisfying for Anita, because she is compared to her competitor Sophie in several situations. After the makeover, the 18-year-old also has long, dark hair. Anita, on the other hand, has kept her natural look. “You look like sisters,” says Heidi Klum. For Anita, that’s not a compliment. “We don’t have anything in common just because we have light skin and dark hair.” After she got a job and Sophie got nothing, Anita states: “I hope that the comparisons will finally stop and the differences will be recognized. In this case, quality is better than quantity.”

excitement of the week

Lieselotte’s motivation causes discussions among the candidates. The 66-year-old admits that she applied to GNTM without any great ambitions and sees the show more as fun. That doesn’t go down well with Lou-Anne. “If you feel like, ‘I shouldn’t be here anymore’ – we’re not forcing anyone to be here,” says the 18-year-old. A statement that in turn displeases Lieselotte. “Now I’m getting angry. Not so precocious. Be careful!” Scolds the Berliner and complains about Lou-Anne’s “senior teacher’s tone” and the lack of respect. “Then the dear, considerate Lieselotte gets angry too.” After being criticized by her competitors, the 66-year-old developed a hitherto unknown ambition, which the other models did not hide.

The guest judge

Designer Jeremy Scott takes a seat alongside Heidi Klum this week. He is the creative mind behind the Italian label Moschino and is known for his crazy designs. “The collection has a childish nostalgia, but with a feminine silhouette. I thought of cool mothers: great and sexy,” the 46-year-old explains the outfits worn by the GNTM models. Heidi Klum shows up in a dress with a rabbit motif and has the following anecdote in store: “My husband always calls me ‘my little rabbit’ – honey, this is for you!” A double challenge awaits the candidates: First, they should pose as elegantly as possible in a kitchen for a short photo shoot, and then immediately walk down the catwalk. On the occasion, Klum reveals what is on her plate: fried spaghetti with egg and ketchup. Designer Jeremy Scott is invited to try it at Klum’s house.

GNTM 2022: who has to go?

Viola and Inka have to leave the show. With its chaotic nature, the former repeatedly offended customers and photographers, the latter could neither receive a casting invitation nor convince at the photo shoot. “It’s unexpected. That’s why it hits me so hard. I had a queasy feeling, but I never expected to be kicked out,” says Inka.

Klum saying of the week

“Anita does really well in this look, and she also does extremely well in the kitchen.” (Heidi Klum at the photo shoot)


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