Gladbach is cheering! One for Borussia hero after DFB Cup thriller

Borussia Park is shaking at temperatures around freezing point!

Borussia is in the quarter-finals after a 120-minute thriller against Wolfsburg. Manu Koné (22) scored the only goal in the last minute. These are the Gladbach scores and the individual criticism after the game in the round of 16 of the DFB Cup.

Gladbach against Wolfsburg in the cup: The Borussia professionals in the individual review

Moritz Nicolas: The usual secure support! Once again we could rely on the Omlin replacement, who confidently fended off the few Wolfsburg shots. He is becoming more and more confident on the ball – and is now more often solving actions with precise flat passes. In the 90th minute he saved Borussia into extra time with a brilliant save. Without Nicolas, the Foals would probably have had to give up after just 90 minutes. Grade: 1.5

Joe Scally: In this game, Scally was repeatedly drawn to the wing, so that he was the player who turned a three-man chain into a four-man chain. The youngster is getting better and better with this role. Was rarely required in dangerous duels, but was always involved in the offensive. Like his teammates, he came under increasing pressure in the final phase, but remained impressively stable despite his young age. Grade: 2.5

Nico Elvedi: Played an outstanding game! More than ever, he had to take on responsibility alongside 18-year-old Chiarodia and 20-year-old Scally. The Swiss conducted, ordered and led the way. Elvedi hasn’t shown so many tackles in dire need for a long time. Grade: 2

From the 97th minute Marvin Friedrich: To start with an important duel won, otherwise Tomas would have run towards Nicolas alone. No grade

Fabio Chiarodia: It was clear to the debutant in the starting line-up that it was a special situation for him. He repeatedly tried to stimulate the game with long balls. However, there were misunderstandings that led to ball losses. Seoane tried to give him encouragement. The teenager did well in the game against the ball. Made an almost fatal mistake in stoppage time that Wind should have punished. Grade: 4

Franck Honorat: With Elvedi he was Borussia’s best field player! When the temperatures were cool, he started moving like an ICE train and regularly sprinted away from Maehle. The fact that there wasn’t more profit in the first half was because his teammates in the center didn’t sprint into the penalty area quickly enough. In extra time, the Frenchman’s tank was noticeably empty. Grade: 2

From the 97th minute Florian Neuhaus: When he came in, Seoane switched to a three-man midfield. However, Neuhaus actually had to put his full focus on the defense and didn’t come into his own in the game at first. However, his willpower and his fine feet in the 120th minute ensured the decisive goal in the last minute. No grade

Rocco Reitz: With Weigl’s return, Reitz had more freedom in the game going forward. However, he did not manage to come up with as many ideas as in the past few weeks. Fighting exemplary as usual. Had to give way before the end of the 90 minutes when Seoane made a double substitution in midfield. Note 3

From the 81st minute Manu Koné: Stayed surprisingly pale! When the Frenchman came into the game, Borussia became more and more defensive. Koné did a good job, and for a long time there was little play about him. In the second half of extra time he turned up the heat in some actions and was the most dangerous foal. He crowned this improvement in performance with the redeeming goal in the last minute. Grade: 2.5

Christoph Kramer: In his first starting eleven appearance under Seoane, the veteran did not play in the six-man position, but also had the opportunity to intervene again and again offensively. However, Kramer was unable to build on the strong short outings of the previous weeks. Only a few impulses came from him and he missed a chance to finish from a promising position. In the duel with Weigl, his competitor managed to collect more points. Grade: 3.5

From the 81st minute Robin Hack: Had a hard time on offense and was clearly outnumbered in many situations. He only showed his quality in the 100th minute with a shot from a tight angle. Not a night for Hack to shine. Grade: 3.5

Julian Weigl: Back in the starting eleven and with the captain’s armband again. After his strain, the 28-year-old once again prevented numerous Wolfsburg attacks from developing. Weigl held back offensively, but his routine and leadership skills became more and more important as the game progressed. Grade: 2.5

Luca Netz: In the past few weeks he has actually been one of Borussia’s best players in every game. The U21 international was also a constant driver in the cup, but repeatedly found that he still had room for improvement when it came to decision-making in the attacking third. The youngster struggled with cramps in extra time. As a result, it was noticeable that he was no longer at his full strength. This time, all in all, weaker than his counterpart Honorat. Grade: 2.5

Alassane Plea: The veteran with a new partner: Cvancara’s nomination to the starting eleven also changed Plea’s role again. He repeatedly dropped deep into midfield, creating space for his teammates. As a result, he initially came into final positions less often than recently. After Ngoumou was substituted, he became much more offensive, and in extra time he was even a centre-forward. Plea was often alone against three opponents. Note 3

Tomas Cvancara: It wasn’t Tomas Cvancara’s evening. After an hour he had to go down again due to muscular problems. Previously he had tried very hard, but had to take advantage of the visitors’ three physically strong central defenders. Grade: 4

From the 61st minute Nathan Ngoumou: Had to play as a substitute center forward again when Cvancara had muscular problems again. He completed his running schedule again, but was not dangerous against the Wolfsburg central defenders. The match winner from the Hoffenheim game four days later was significantly weaker. Grade: 3.5

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