Gin and tonic for hay fever: better than beer or wine

Why gin and tonic is better for allergy sufferers than beer or wine

Gin and tonic is the better choice for hay fever allergy sufferers, according to research.

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Gin and tonic for hay fever? A recent study shows why people suffering from hay fever should drink gin and vodka instead of beer. People who are allergic to clear alcohol should know this.

Summer time is pollen time – there is nothing you can do about it. While some enjoy the warm nights and sunny days, allergy sufferers struggle with itching, stuffy noses and swelling of the respiratory tract. Now a study shows that gin – and also vodka – is the better alternative to alcohol for people suffering from pollen.

As “Asthma UK” reported, clear alcohols have a better effect on the body of allergy sufferers than, for example, beer or wine. The reasons for this are histamine and sulphites, according to the experts, which are contained in many alcoholic beverages. The body sends out histamine as a messenger substance in an allergic reaction – it causes the nose to swell. The problem: alcohol adds even more histamine, the symptoms are even worse for allergy sufferers. Sulfites, which are used as preservatives, also have a negative impact on the allergy-stricken body. In short: who under If you suffer from hay fever, drinking alcohol can make the symptoms even worse. According to “The Independent64 percent of asthma patients complain that their symptoms worsen after drinking alcohol.

Gin and tonic better than beer for hay fever

The good news: According to “Asthma UK”, clear alcohol contains very little sulphites and histamines. The distillation of vodka even works without sulphites, reports “The Independent“. In addition, gin and vodka contain anti-histamines, which are said to even alleviate the symptoms of hay fever, the British newspaper reports. Gin and tonic is therefore not a cure – but allergy sufferers should better rely on clear alcohol. Also the renunciation on some Foods such as salami, bacon or dairy products can relieve symptoms.

However: Those who take anti-allergic medicines should avoid alcohol altogether, as this could increase the effect of the medicines.

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