Get ready for NFT Taipei, Taiwan’s biggest blockchain week, this December 9-18.

Taiwan’s most important blockchain week of 2022, NFT Carnival or “NFT Taipei”, will be held in Taipei from December 9 to 18, with three major events: “OneOffs NFT International Art Fair; “NFT Taipei International Conference” and “NFT Fun Taipei”, and during the week, more than 20 Side Events from hundreds of local businesses in Taipei will be conducting activities to market NFT offline. About 100,000 people participated!

NFT Taipei will bring together dozens of leaders from the Web 3.0 world, including pioneers such as Animoca Brands co-founder Yat Siu, Dapper Labs vice president Fan Shen, Twitch co-founder Kevin Lin, CEO Sebastien Borget. The Sandbox Operations, and Zhou Fan Xiang, Chief Operating Officer of GASH and Taiwan subsidiary Gamania Group.

not only that The event also brings together hundreds of influential emerging artists, fashionistas and Blue-Chip NFT projects to create a multi-dimensional NFT art experience and foster the NFT ecosystem in Taiwan to connect with the world.

3 key highlights of NFT Taipei

2nd OneOffs NFT International Art Fair

The first OneOffs NFT International Art Fair kicked off with an explosion of Meta-Universe at the end of last year By merging the original art world with the emergence of NFT meta and followed by a global trend. with more than 30,000 visitors

This year’s OneOffs will once again take place in conjunction with W Taipei, themed “Butterfly Effect,” to explore whether NFT and the art market will eventually bubble or prosper. For the first time, “Generative Art” and “Interactive Art” will be added to the exhibition. It hopes to provide a way for the public to communicate with the work through interactive technology. presents the interaction of time and space fantasy and reality

This year’s event not only invited over 100 local artists such as Beven Lan, PYC, Chang Yu Chia, Chen Pu, ATI Chen Tai Hua, but also new artists from 30 countries for the grand event. The expo will also expand to domestic and international NFT Blue-Chip projects and communities, such as CloneX, a joint project between Nike Group’s trendy Web3 brand RTFKT, and Japanese contemporary art master Takashi Murakami, an associate of BAYC. NFT’s international blue-chip program and others will also attend an art show

OneOffs CEO Enoch Ho, COO Julia Tung, and NFT Advisor Justine Lu, along with an international team of professional curators and advisors. It will create a multi-dimensional art experience for NFT Taipei and explore new forms of the art market.

Exhibition time: 9 – 11 December 2022

Location: W Hotel (No. 10, Sec. 5, Zhongxiao East Road, Xinyi District, Taipei)

NFT Taipei International Conference

NFT Taipei will include two main forums, “BGP – Global Blockchain Game Portal” and “MetaCommerce”, where about 50 well-known blockchain industry experts in the Web3 world will be invited to discuss the future of NFT. and firsthand information on the development of the Metaverse.

Invited guests at the event

Yat Siu / Co-founder of Animoca Brands and early investor in multiple NFT Blue-Chip projects valued at over $6 billion.

Sebastien Borget / Co-founder and CEO of The Sandbox, a key growth driver of the $4 billion Metaverse.

Fan Shen / VP of Game Partnerships at Dapper Labs previously worked for Amazon and Riot Games with a wealth of experience operating platforms and games.

Kevin Lin / Co-Founder of Twitch, currently the largest game live-streaming platform. He is currently the co-founder and CEO of blockchain game developer Metatheory.

Andy Chou / Head of Ecosystem Development at YGG, the driving force behind Axie Infinity, the game that started the trend of blockchain gaming.

Event time: 15 – 16 December 2022

Location: The Syntrend Creative Park (No. 2, Section 3, Civic Blvd, Zhongzheng District, Taipei City)

NFT Fun Taipei

To encourage users to experience the versatile use of NFT, during “NFT Taipei”, a “Digital Goodie Bag” will be released to experience NFT OMO’s interactive experience, enjoy utilities, gifts or offers. Great value deals from over 30 well-known brands, restaurants, bars, and department stores in Taipei.

They can also join more than 20 community parties during the event. And all over Taipei will be like a huge NFT carnival.

Time: 9 – 18 December

Location: All partner stores in Taipei

Bringing together industry-leading teams

NFT Taipei is managed by NADA (NFT Application & Development Association), a group of Taiwan’s leading teams from public networks, auctions, games, art, music, social, etc.

NADA partners with BlockTempo, the world’s top 3 Chinese blockchain media, OneOffs, an international art curatorial team, Taiwan’s first NFT marketplace Lootex, Web 3 social platform tool Passion, Layer1 public network ThunderCore. Top 5 Most Users Globally, RE:DREAMER Web 3 Redeem Service Provider, Web 3 Marketing Consultant ReBorno, Metaverse Music Publisher 0x0, Cold Wallet Producer SecuX and Other Industry Leaders Many more to open a new legend for NFT Taipei.

In this regard, NADA President Justine Lu said, “There are many talented Taiwanese in the global Web3 industry, and some of these startups are based in Taiwan. Since last year, NFT applications have spread in many fields. And we know that Taiwan cannot miss the next wave of technology that will change the world. And we can’t live without the world of Web3, so we’re bringing together the power of all sectors to host the first international NFT Taipei. We hope to link together the resources of Web2 and Web3 to create a platform for Taiwanese innovations to showcase their technologies. And it is the most outstanding blockchain event for the world to see Taiwan!”

VIP Party and Side Event

On the night of December 15th of NFT Taipei, speakers, guests and industry leaders will be invited to a VIP party at Ce La Vi in Xinyi District. In addition, 50 limited VIP tickets will be issued for NFT enthusiasts. and interested in the development of the industry

In addition, from the 15th to the 18th, there will be 12 booths at Bade Plaza in Syntrend Creative Park covering NFT sales, trading, games and everyday applications to promote NFT industry applications to the public. general Details of the Side Event of the main event NFT Taipei will be announced soon on the official website again.

Taipei NFT ticket booking information

Open for sale: 12:00 noon, 17 Nov. 2022 (Taiwan time)

Ticket types and prices:

2-Day Standard Pass: $4,800 NTD (~ $155 USD)

2-Day Standard Pass + VIP Party Admission: $8,800 NTD (~$285 USD)

Ticket benefits:

NFT Taipei ticket holders can receive a “Digital Goodie Bag” and can enjoy virtual and offline privileges. Details will be announced later on the official website.

Ways to buy tickets: Click here to buy

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