Germering – the chase ends on the A 96 – Fürstenfeldbruck

An 18-year-old Germeringer was on a chase with the police late Tuesday evening. According to the report from the Germering inspection, police followed the young man through several villages and onto the Lindau autobahn. There, near Greifenberg, officials were able to stop the driver. The chase began when the 18-year-old was supposed to be checked in a Smart shortly after 10 p.m. in the Augsburger / Dorfstraße area in Germering. However, the young man ignored the stop signals from the police, probably because he does not have a driver’s license. He drove on, initially at an appropriate speed, according to the police, later at excessive speed. He left Germering in the direction of Gilching-Geisenbrunn. He dodged the attempt to stop him and his car in the turning hammer on Zeppelinstrasse in Gilching and drove over a sidewalk. Then he drove out of the roundabout in the opposite direction of travel, a public bus had to brake here to avoid a collision and turned onto the A 96 motorway in the direction of Lindau. Several patrol cars and a police helicopter chased the Smart driver on his further escape. There were daring driving and overtaking maneuvers. Shortly before the Greifenberg junction, it was finally possible to stop the car. According to the police, false license plates were attached to it. Road users who may have been endangered should report to 089/894 15 70.

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