German premiere: Marco Pogo in the Lustspielhaus Munich – Munich

It couldn’t be so black: That’s a life motto of Marco Pogo aka Dominik Wlazny. The Viennese are wrong: It can be difficult. Which doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t even try. The thirty-something has done nothing else for years: trying things out. As a doctor, as a musician, as a politician and very successfully in all disciplines.

So now cabaret/stand-up, as he calls it. It’s pretty much like the national team’s most recent game: the first half hour of rather slow sleeping car football, but significantly more momentum in the second half, culminating in an atmospheric finale furioso, which reconciles you with the realization: Next time it will be even more get out of yourself.

Since “Gschichtldrucker” is his German premiere, here’s a brief outline of himself: After studying medicine, Marco Pogo prefers to perform with the punk band turbo beer up, has even made it into the supermarkets with the light Märzen beer (“Long matured for quick enjoyment”). In 2014 he founded the Beer Party, has been a member of the Vienna-Simmering District Council for three years and, as Dominik Wlazny, received 337,010 votes, 8.3 percent, in the federal presidential election. On cabaret stages he is now the storyteller: someone who, with a penchant for exaggeration, tells things of which one does not know what is true and what is fabricated.

And maybe you’re a little disappointed in the Lustspielhaus at first because you had the wrong expectations. Because there is no trace of pithy pods from the wild tour life of a punk far and wide. Instead, he jumps from one topic to the next, at times speaking as if someone has pressed a slow-forward button, abruptly asking “Who’s ever smoked pot?” but doing nothing. On the other hand, he succeeded: his memoirs from the year 2056. Also fine: the happy party guessing – unbelievable who the neighbors can choose everything! And when Pogo picks up the guitar for the final Gstanzl and strums away, everything is fine again. Wasn’t that difficult.

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