German history: The letters between Ernst and Gretha Jünger – culture

In the beginning she regularly called him “Schneckolino”: The correspondence between Ernst Jünger and his wife Gretha tells a tragic love story – and more. About a highly personal, sensational document of the times.

On September 24, 1939, Captain Ernst Jünger wrote to his wife Gretha: “Today I thought about the fact that I’m actually a bad father, because it often seems to me that I don’t think about you enough so in my being, because I am often a stranger in my own skin and walk next to me like a dreamer. ” Shortly after the convocation, it is the rare moment in almost forty years of correspondence and partnership when Jünger recognizes his own inadequacy as a loving man, even if he immediately takes it back with the reference to his being, which cannot be changed .

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